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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Need A Great DIU Lawyer?

Did you party a little too hard in CA last week and end up pulling a "Paris Hilton"? If so then you really should consider the possible consequences - jail, community service, fines, etc. The future doesn't look so bright, huh? Well why not change the outcome? San Diego DUI Law Center is designed to help you fight back! Did you know that your entire case could be thrown out of court due to faulty police work? Thats right! For example, did you know that your test could be affected by:
*Unintentional alcohol (e.g. from Nyquil, Vicks Formula 44, lip balms, toothache drops).
*Elevated breath temperature (e.g. caused by fever, hot tub, sauna, detention in hot sun or back of patrol car in summer, dancing, menstrual cycle, etc.)
and more!
So fight back with San Diego DUI lawyer and allow them to help you win your case just like all the other cases they have won!

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