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Friday, February 29, 2008

Celebrity Vacation Rentals Available in Mont Tremblant

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Are you a natural born celebrity? Or do you just want to live like one? If you do then you gotta check out mont tremblant and their tremblant rentals.
If you love skiing, why not consider renting a Skiing Trmeblant? They have Trembalent skiing condos that are nothing but luxury!
In each condo you will find 5+ bedrooms, private balcony overlooking the Tremblant ski resort, saunas and home theatres. It is absolutely AMAZING! There's so much to do at Mont Tremblant - you'll never go bored!

Mont Tremblant has enough year round activities, that you will be able to come back year after year and never experience it all.
Fine restaurants serving international cuisine are plentiful in Mont Tremblant and the vicinity. You are sure to find something for every taste and budget. Whether you are looking for a quick and inexpensive bite between activities or a leisurely feast prepared by one of Tremblant's renowned chefs, it is all here awaiting you.

If you are a shopper, Mont Tremblant is the place you want to be. Between the Resort of Tremblant, Tremblant village and Saint Jovite, you will be able to browse for days.

Tank advanatage of the mont tremblant rentals and do some skiing.

To summarize: mont tremblant accomodations will change your entire view on vacationing! You'll never want to do Vegas or Florida again!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

How to Dress like Paris, Heidi and Cherize on a Budget

Do you want to look like your favorite celebrity? Today we're talking about three of the hottest celebs in Hollywoodd- Heidi Klum, Charlize and Paris Hilton.

If you want to look likeH.K. you need to have her awesome earrings. If you are rich I'm sure you can afford to drop hundreds of bucks on them. If not, then you can get the same kinds of earring by shopping at Tano has the hottest selection of Heidi Klum Celebrity Jewelry you'll find on the web! Their killer Heidi Kulm look-a-likes are only $12!

This is one of my fav. actresses of all time. She has a great sense of style too. I was able to locate her beautiful beads on this: Fashion Jewelry site. If you were planning to buy C.T's necklace at a Rodeo Drive store, you need to bring at least two weeks worth of your earnings. If you buy it at the link above you'll only spend $15!

Finally, a review can't be complete without mentioning P-Hill! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVe P-Hills killer Acrylic Bead necklaces. "They're Hott!"
I can bet that Paris has spent a small fortune on her jewelry, but I found Paris Hilton Fashion deals for only $15!

Tano Jewelry has the ultimate selection of celebrity jewelry at prices you and I can actually afford. They have totally kickin' replica jewelry. Be sure to check them out!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Celebrity Style 'Script Glasses for $8!

Do you want the hottest looking prescriptions available? I have made a Great Discovery: Zenni Optical! Zenni Optical has all the hottest, trendiest eyeglasses on the market. They have them in every material you can imagine - from titanium to plastic, with and without patterns, desings and embellishments! Zenni puts the "sexy back" in eye glasses! Check out the pic below:

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These are the perfect glasses to wear every day - at work, at home and even to the club. And for their super low rates, you can't NOT afford them!

This is why I say Best Thing Found: Zenni Optical, hands down!

With glasses as cheap as $8 you can afford to get a ton of them so you can color coordinate with every outfit you own! So dont delay, check out the Zenni Optical $8 Rx Glasses Special right now!