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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Anna Nicole - PREGANAT AGAIN So Soon?

Anna Nicole Hints At Another Pregnancy.... Anna Nicole Smith has hinted she may already be pregnant again less than three months after the birth of her baby Dannielynn.

Smith let the good news slip during a filmed pre-interview chat with a producer working for US news show Entertainment Tonight on Sunday (26Nov06).

Her big reveal was caught on camera and aired on the show last night (29Nov06).

The former model blurted out, "I think I might be pregnant again... Did that just come out?"

She added, "I'm not ready. (Boyfriend) Howard (K Stern) wants to have another baby... He wants to have a little boy."

But when the producer attempted to get more information out of the new mother, who lost her 20-year-old son just three days after giving birth in September (06), she decided she'd said enough.

Smith turned serious and said, "I feel like we should change the subject."

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