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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Wholesale Shopping is now for Everybody! Celebs and Non-Celebs!

If you're looking to purchase AUTHENTIC Victorias Secret Wholesale products, Betsey Johnson Wholesale, BDBG Wholesale, Kathy Van Zeeland is the #1 place to buy.

There's multiple reasons why should be the ONLY place you shop:

1. They NEVER participate in a practice called "tag cutting". "Tag Cutting" is a commonly used practice amongst scam wholesale companies. These companies purchase some authentic Victorias Secret items and also purchase "knock off" items (replicas, look-a-likes, etc). The scammer will then cut the tags off all the items and trick you into believing that theyre required by Victorias Secret to remove the tags. THIS IS A LIE. Victorias Secret, under no circumstance, has ever told anyone to remove tags from garments! DO NOT BUY ITEMS WITH CUT TAGS. YOU ARE BUYING FAKE PRODUCT! Ever item they sell is new with fully attached tags. They are very clear in their listings is the item is an overstock, liquidation, etc.

2. Their customer service is unbeatable! Other companies know that you will be unhappy with their items so they offer "no returns". In fact, most other companies won't even let you see what it is that you are buying! They will sell you "mixed lots". When the items show up you will quickly realize that you have paid FULL RETAIL for them. When you try to return them the company will tell you "You should have read their terms. No refunds". THEY ARE DIFFERENT! All of their listings have MULTIPLE photos of EXACTLY what you will be buying! If you purchase an item and you don't like it, just pay shipping back and a restocking fee. They'll even take back the item if YOU made an error and bought the wrong size shirt! No questions asked! Repeat business is how they stay in business.

3. Fair prices. As mentioned, other companies know you won't be coming back to buy again, so they have to make as much money off you the first time. They mark their product up very high or sell you old, outdated, unsellable items. They know you'll love their company and never shop elsewhere. FACT: 85% OF THEIR BUYERS BUY A SECOND TIME IN 6 MONTHS. Thats more than most fortune 500 companies can say!

4. Another thing you DON'T know; Do you know what a “Grade B” is? What about a “3 Star”? These words are clever little “catches” that other wholesale companies try to trick you with. These companies are selling you USED AND DAMAGED merchandise. They may have fine print that says words like “imperfect”, “store return”, “refurbished” – WARNING: STAY AWAY! DO NOT BUY USED GOODS IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO RESELL! If a company is selling you “Store Return Victorias Secret” you are not LEGALLY allotheyd to sell these items as “New”. Store Returns are items that someone bought, owned for some frame of time then took back to the store. You can not legally sell a USED product as NEW. If it was owned for a frame of time it is USED. Why pay good money for used items when you can buy legitimately NEW? They never sell “Store Returns”. Everything they have is brand new.

So check out today!

Friday, December 04, 2009

Where to Buy Wholesale Designer Purses - No License Required!

It's easy to fall in love with's giant selection of
Wholesale Designer Fragrances, Wholesale Designer Bras, Wholesale Designer Panties and more.

I have purchased tons of the same items that offers in their Designer Clothing Section but I have paid way more. Although I have no problem spending money on QUALITY goods, I also like to save money whenever possible!

Be sure to check out's awesome bargains on new, liquidation and closeout merchandise from your fav designers;

Wholesale Makeup by Victorias Secret,
Macys Jewelry Wholesale,
Victorias Secret Under $10 Items and
Bulk & Wholesale

Its totally worth checking out! Over 300 items each week!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Direct TV's 4th Annual Celebrity Bowl

The stars were out in full force for a little flag football fun during Direct TV's 3rd Annual Celebrity Beach Bowl at Progress Energy Park in St Petersburg on Saturday (January 31).

Taking the field were Gossip Girl stars Chace Crawford, Blake Lively and Penn Badgley, along with Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, Adrienne Bailon, Stacy Keibler, Maria Menounos, Dave Annabelle, Matthew Rhys, Jayde Nicole and NFL stars including Reggie Bush and Eddie George -

The dates have not been scheduled yet for Direct tv's 4th Annual Celebrity Bowl, but I will keep you posted! As always, keep tuning into your Direct TV Packages and keep reading The Latest Celebrity Gossip for the most important celeb updates!

I found a lot of great directtv companies in my area that offer great low prices. Finding direct tv has been great! I am able to keep up on the celeb gossip and keep you informed!

MGM Las Vegas Celebrity Spa Suites - Party Like a Rockstar

Get Star treatment starting at only $199 a night! This stylish suite provides classic comfort in the heart of Vegas. At 694 square feet, the Celebrity Spa Suites are slightly larger than their Bungalow Suites. You'll absolutely love the rooms and packages available at MGM!

The extra space in the Spa Suites allows for an oversized bedroom, wet bar with refrigerator, and an extended living area separated from the bedroom by a large dresser. But it’s the whirlpool spa that gives this famous suite its celebrity status.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

How to Shop Like a Celebrity for the Holidays... without a Celeb Budget!

If you are looking to cash in on some amazing goods for the holidays and live it up like a celebrity, but you don't have a celebrity income, then you have to check out ShopWiki.
ShopWiki is a revolutionary new shopping site that allows you to find the absolute LOWEST price on the items you want. ShopWiki pulls search results from almost EVERY online retail store, giving you the ultimate LOWEST price on the web!

For example, are you looking to get your brother some new Computer Speakers? Or what about a Digital Picture Frame for your awesome boss? Usually you would just go to the nearest store and buy these items or just Google search then buy - but you'd be WAY over paying!

I want to show you just how valuable Shop Wiki is:

When I Google "Home Theater System" the first result I get is for Best Buy. At Best Buy the average price for the Home Theater system (Plazma Television hookup) is about $300. By using ShopWiki I am able to find the same kind of items starting at $150! Thats a savings of 50%! How easy was that?!

So if you're looking for headphones, accessories or whatever it may be - SHOP WIKI TODAY!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Super Bowl 2010 - How Tickets are Sold, Can You Win Them?

The NFL awarded the 2010 Super Bowl — Super Bowl XLIV — to Miami. It is the 10th time the city, who last hosted in 2007, will play host to the championship event. Some think that it is Florida's weather that is the real winner, and I certainly can't argue with that. The fact that Tampa just hosted the 2009 Super Bowl, pretty much confirms Florida as a "super" location in my mind.

The championship game will be played February 7, 2010 at Dolphin Stadium. The stadium has a seating capacity of 75,540. Looking to obtain tickets? Good luck. The majority of Super Bowl tickets are distributed to the NFL teams, with each team receiving 17.5 percent of the tickets. The non-participating teams receive 1.2 percent; and, the host team — Miami Dolphins — will receive five percent. The remaining tickets are controlled by the NFL. It distributes those primarily to NFL affiliated companies, the broadcast network, corporate sponsors, media, charities, fans and the host committee. Only about one percent of the tickets go to fans.

But you can still watch the game on Direct TV. There's plenty of time to get Direct T V in your home. If you think DirectTV sounds like the right choice for your football party, make sure you check out for all of your Super Bowl watching needs.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Insider Information on the Billy Mays Celebrity Death

Mays, 50, the emphatic and well-known seller of the OxiClean stain remover, the Zorbeez super chamois, a sticky substance called Mighty Putty, gadgets like electronics and and even items related to Direct TV Systems, was found unresponsive in his Tampa, FL home Sunday morning. He was declared dead by a fire rescue crew at 7:45 a.m., according to Sgt. Christopher Ugles, a spokesman for the Tampa Police Department.

The cause of his death was unknown, but Mays had told his wife, Deborah, that he didn't feel well after a U.S. Airways flight he was on made a bumpy landing Saturday afternoon. In an interview with a local Direct TV station, Mays said he was struck on the head by a falling object during the landing.

Later, the airline confirmed that Mays was on the flight.

Mays was not known so much as an innovator; TV infomercials have been around for decades, and other small-screen pitchmen,have become quasi-household names.

In April, the Discovery Channel began airing "Pitchmen" - Billy Mays newest show. You can get this show on a Direct TV Service.

Our hearts go out to the Mays family in their time of grief. Billy, you will never be forgotten!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Where to Buy Victoria's Secret Heidi Klum Produts - CHEAP!

If you're looking for Victorias Secret products for gifts - never shop the retail store again! VSPinkNation is a company that allows people to buy Victoria's Secret merchadise at reduced prices. Unlike other companies, VSPinkNation allows people to buy items individually or in bulk, thus giving people the opportuity to save money and/or resell items without a contract commitment to any specific company or required licensing.You are able to get all your favorite products for a fraction of the cost. Check out their site:


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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Where to Buy Celebrity Car Audio on A Budget!

If you love rollling down the street looking like a celebrity but have a middle class budget you're going to truly fall in love with this awesome website I found! Its a branch of the famous Wiki - the new site is ShopWiki. ShopWiki allows you to find the products you are looking for without the downsides of traditional paid shopping websites. My biggest complaint about "paid shopping sites" is; lets say you need buy car dvd players or car audio merchandise - after you trpe in the name of what you are searching for (i.e: "Car Video Player") you'll get a bunch of results - but only from advertisers who PAID to have their result placed into the search. ShopWiki is different!
If you go to ShopWiki and search to buy Car Speakers or receivers you'll get the FULL results of ALL the available devices - not just the companies that paid for listings.

ShopWiki is truly a cool site that everyone should check out! So if you're in the market to buy Car Audio / DVD players or anything else to pimp your ride, be sure to check out ShopWiki!