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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Coolio is a Cheap Bastard!

I absolutely love the website It has a ton of personal stories submitted by bartenders, waiters and waitresses who have had no-so-joyous encounters with celebrities. Some of the stories are so hilarious! It's amazing how cheap and absurd celebs can be!

Here's a new one that made me smile:

"Coolio and a group of 4 guys come to Cracker Barrel after some summer concert (not totally sure on the date, but it was summer of2005) thing at Arkansas State University. Thay are loud and obnoxious the whole time. Order steaks and are constantly running me for drinks and everything else..................$5.00. I should have figured, it was freakin' Coolio. Once you've been on Hollywood Squares your status is LOSER! Being names Coolio, makes you a FREAKIN' LOSER!"

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