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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Nicole Richie Says She Doesn't Want to be like Paris

Nicole Richie Fears Being 'exploited' Like Hilton.... Socialite Nicole Richie fears following in the footsteps of her Simple Life partner by being "exploited" and sentenced to a jail term.

Hotel heiress Hilton has to report to Los Angeles' Century Regional Detention Center by 5 June (07) to start serving her sentence for violating her probation following a 2006 drink-driving arrest.

And Richie worries that constant negative media attention will influence officials to take the same line as with Hilton and she will be incarcerated too.

Richie says, "Sometimes people just get exploited. I can only hope that doesn't happen to me."

The socialite already court massive media attention, recently hitting the headlines after newspapers printed copies of an eMail seeming to promote heavy drinking and anorexia.

Robbie Williams is Totally in LOVE!

Robbie Williams is reportedly enjoying a new romance with an American actress.

The 'Angels' singer is said to be smitten with Ayda Field after secretly dating her for almost two months.

Friends claim the couple, who met at a Los Angeles party, have become inseparable and have fallen for one another in a big way.

One pal told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "He hasn't been this into a girl for a long time and they're doing all the things couples do, like going to the cinema and watching DVDs at Robbie's house. He's smitten and the feeling's mutual."

Unlucky-in-love Robbie was also impressed with Ayda - who has appeared in hit US TV shows 'Will and Grace' and 'Days Of Our Lives' - because she didn't reveal details of their budding romance after their first few dates.

The 33-year-old singer recently hit out at the Hollywood dating scene, branding it "f***ing stupid" in an emotionally-charged rant on his website.

He wrote: "There are a few dating rules people adhere to out here in Hollywood. And they're all f***ing stupid. Don't call until the next day. Then don't get back to him for at least two days, etc.

"It's all rubbish. If any of these rules are applied to me, I respond in kind by never speaking to them again."

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Justin Timberlakes New Record Label

Justin Timberlake is launching his own record label.

The 'SexyBack' singer has announced he is setting up Tennman Records, and will serve as chairman and CEO of the company.

The label will be formed as a joint venture with Interscope Records.

Justin said: "We are all excited about the talent we have to offer already on our roster, and I cannot wait to introduce the world to my new discoveries."

There is no suggestion that Justin - who is currently signed to Jive records - will release new material on the label, but says he has hand-picked the first batch of artists.

It is believed the name Tennman Records is a reference to the star's home state of Tennessee.

Interscope boss Jimmy Levine said: "Whenever you have the opportunity to get into business with someone as gifted as Justin Timberlake, you take it. We are thrilled to have his label as part of Interscope."

Justin has enlisted the services of Ken Komisar, the former A+R Vice President of Sony BMG Music Entertainment, as president.

Komisar said: "We are already underway with several artists in development, and look forward to sharing their work with music fans everywhere

Brittany Murphy's Husband; Always in Hot Water

Brittany Murphy's Husband Defends His Reputation.

Actress BRITTANY MURPHY's new British husband insists the numerous arrest warrants and civil lawsuits logged against him are normal procedure for a successful businessman.

Producer Simon Monjack wed Just Married star Murphy earlier this month (May07) after just four months of dating.

Last week (ends25May07), U.S. tabloid the National Enquirer exposed the Brit as an illegal visitor and dug up information suggesting Monjack has a civil judgment against him and a series of felony arrest warrants.

But Monjack, who faces a court hearing about his future in America in July (07) and could be kicked out of the country, insists his reputation is being tarnished by people jealous of his success.

He tells American publication Us, "Like all businessmen, I have faced many lawsuits. It is a real tragedy that success, greed, envy and celebrity are the motivation for attacking my family and character."

Monjack's lawyer claims all cases against his client have either been dismissed, are settled or are being resolved. He also expects the arrest warrants to be dropped.

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Janice Dickinson Out for REVENGE

Janice Dickinson: 'Jerry Can F**k Off'.

Former supermodel JANICE DICKINSON has refuelled her battle with former love rival JERRY HALL.

Dickinson and Sir Mick Jagger dated in the late 1970s, before the Rolling Stones frontman moved in with Hall, whom he went on to marry in 1990.

Dickinson says, "Jerry hated me but she can f**k off and die.

"No one scares me. I tossed Mick out after eight months because I didn't want to move to London. It was my choice, not a matter of him choosing Jerry over me."

Hall and Jagger's marriage was annulled in 1999 after it was revealed the rocker had fathered a son Lucas, with Brazilian model/TV presenter Luciana Gimenez.

Lindsays DUI Car Wreck Pieces Being Sold on Ebay

Debris from Lindsay Lohan's smashed car is being sold on eBay.

Pieces of wreckage from the black Mercedes the 'Mean Girls' actress crashed on Saturday (26.05.07), while allegedly high on drink and drugs, have appeared on the internet auction site.

The seller claims to have picked up the car parts right from the scene of the smash on Los Angeles' Sunset Boulevard.

Included among the lot are the vehicle's headlights and damaged body parts.






The current highest bid for all the pieces stands at $20,500 at the time of writing.

Lindsay was driving her black Mercedes convertible along Sunset Boulevard when she clipped the curb and hit bushes at 5.30am last Saturday. She then fled the scene of the accident.

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Pam Anderson Talks About Health and Her Breasts

Pamela Anderson's breasts expand on TV.

The former 'Baywatch' star insists she doesn't recognise her surgically-enhanced boobs on screen because they look so much bigger.

She said: "I think my breasts expand on TV. I swear I don't feel that big. When I look at them on TV, I think, 'Who is that?' It's all lighting."

Pammie has also revealed she never diets or exercises, but keeps her sexy figure by playing games with her children.

She is quoted by Closer magazine as saying: "My kids keep me in shape. I play every sport with them. Football, basketball, baseball - I'm always outside and on the beach, and in the water.

"I'm vegetarian, but I don't go to the gym and I don't diet."

Prince Turns Down Jacksons Tour Offer

Prince has reportedly snubbed Michael Jackson's offer of a joint tour.

The 'Thriller' singer is said to have begged Prince to perform a string of concerts with him to help Michael re-launch his career.

However, Prince told Michael he wasn't interested as he already has plans for his own tour later this year.

Michael was reportedly overheard complaining about the snub at the Sultan of Brunei's son's 25th birthday party, for which he received £5 million for making a personal appearance.

A fellow partygoer is quoted by Britain's The Sun newspaper as saying: "Michael seemed pretty upset about it. He said he'd approached Prince to see if he would like to work together, but Prince wasn't interested."

Sources claim Prince was concerned that the hype surrounding Michael's comeback would over-shadow the concerts, and he wasn't prepared to be the 'Beat It' singer's support act.

Michael's career has been in free fall since his 2003 child sex abuse trial.

Although he was acquitted on all charges, he has struggled to regain his once huge fan base and has been plagued by rumours his once massive fortune has dwindled.

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Kelis Poses Nude for Marc Baptiste's Book

Kelis and 'Sin City' beauty Devon Aoki have posed naked for a new book.

The stars have bared all for art photographer Marc Baptiste's new book 'Nudes', along with 'Bring It On' star Gabrielle Union and 'Traffic' actress Erika Christensen.

Aoki is already used to posing for photographers. Before her big break in 'Sin City' she was an acclaimed fashion model.

The pictures are to be unveiled at a lavish launch party at New York's Milk Gallery tonight (31.05.07).

It is not yet known if all the star models will attend.

However, Mos Def, Wyclef Jean, Kelly Rowland, Forest Whitaker and Chloe Sevigny are among the celebrity guests who will be at the bash.

Meanwhile, Sevigny has revealed she "loved" taking hallucinogenic drugs.

The 32-year-old actress recently admitted: "I had a great family life - I would never want it to look as if it reflected on them. I think I was just very bored. And I did just love taking hallucinogens. I probably shouldn't promote that. But I often feel it's because I experimented when I was younger that I have no interest as an adult."

Paris Hilton Picks a Cell Mate for Jail

Paris Hilton's cellmate has been handpicked.

The hotel heiress is due to serve 23 days in the special needs wing of Los Angeles' Century Regional Detention Facility on June 5, and her cellmate has been specially selected.

Officials have decided an inmate who is serving a sentence for reckless driving will be the perfect match. They have also tried to select someone they do not think will try to profit from the experience by selling their story to the media.

The California correctional facility is also conducting sweep searches for any electronic devices, to prevent footage of Paris' jail time being leaked.

Cameras, phones and all recording devices are banned.

Staff have been given a memo warning them that anyone who photographs 'The Simple Life' star will be "disciplined" - i.e. fired - immediately.

According to gossip website, a "written protocol" has been especially drawn up for Paris' arrival advising "when and how things should be done for her".

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Jessica & John - The Latest Dish

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As you may have heard, John Mayer and Jessica Simpson may or may not be broken up.

Reports were flying on Friday that Mayer had spent Thursday night living the single life by getting comfy with mystery gal-pals at Stereo nightclub in NYC. Simpson was across the pond partying in Cannes.

Pals of the couple confirmed they had split.

Well, now I'm told that Mayer's fun didn't end at Stereo. I hear the singer was at Cafeteria restaurant in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York in the very wee hours of Friday morning getting cozy with an unidentified brunette.

But then Mayer and Simpson reportedly reunited on Sunday at Simpson's downtown hotel.

Who knows what will happen with this on-again, off-again couple?

What I do know is that they probably won't have much time for romance this summer.

While Mayer starts his upcoming U.S. 10-week tour on June 1, Simpson is set to be in Louisiana most of the summer shooting her new film, Major Movie Star.

"Their relationship is evolving," a source tells me. "But with this distance built in, it's going to be hard. She'll be filming and he's going to be on the road and performing night after night."

Lindsay Lohans Birthday - Sponsored By Vodka!

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Lindsay Lohan's 21st birthday party will be sponsored by a vodka company, according to her lawyer.

The actress' legal representative Mike Heller has revealed Svedka Vodka will be one of the sponsors of Lindsay's upcoming July birthday bash.

Heller told Us Weekly magazine: "This should be one of the best parties ever."

However, the star's representative is not willing to discuss her party plans, saying: "I am unaware of who is sponsoring Lindsay's birthday, as I am not the one planning it."

Lindsay - who reaches the landmark age on July 2 - checked into the Wonderland rehab centre in January, to be treated for alcoholism, following an all-night drinking binge at the Golden Globe Awards.

She is now a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, despite not yet being legally old enough to drink in the US.

Other sponsors include Las Vegas nightspots Pure nightclub, Caesars Palace and the Social House restaurant at Treasure Island, and the party is expected to take place in the city.

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Did Brittany Murphy Get Married to Stop Deport?

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Brittany Murphy is rumoured to have married British screenwriter Simon Monjack to stop him being deported from the US.

According to reports, the 'Factory Girl' screenplay writer was arrested on expired visa charges in the middle of the night on March 27 - just weeks before the couple's secret wedding.

A source told the New York Post newspaper: "Brittany knew nothing about any of that."

Monjack's lawyer said: "These charges are being made by disgruntled ex-girlfriends and immigration officials have concluded the marriage had no bearing on my client's visa status."

A representative for Brittany refused to comment.

The couple, who began dating last year, tied the knot at their Los Angeles home in front of close family and friends last month.

Brittany's representative said: "They were married at their home in Los Angeles several weeks ago in a very intimate ceremony. It was officiated by a rabbi and they were surrounded by their families."

Dita Von Teese - Trying to Block the Sun

Dita Von Teese is using sun-blocking curtains to stop her getting a tan while she is at the Cannes Film Festival.

The burlesque dancer is determined to keep her famous pale complexion while she is the sun-drenched South of France and has taken drastic measures to avoid bronzing rays.

Dita - whose estranged husband is the equally pale goth rocker Marilyn Manson - said: "I have brought my own curtains to the hotel to stop the sun getting in, and I have only used the hotel pool at night.

"I have also packed vitamins to stop the sun doing anything to me. Some foods accelerate tanning, so I'm very careful about what I eat here."

Earlier this week, Manson claimed his marriage to Dita left him soulless.

The controversial 38-year-old musician revealed the pair's relationship ended because she tried to change him and left him "destroyed".

Manson - who wed Dita in 2005 - explained: "She said she tolerated my lifestyle because she hoped I would change. She threatened to leave if I didn't. I was sleeping on the couch in my own home. I was no longer supposed to be a rock star. I was someone who had to be apologised for. I wasn't prepared to be alone. I came out of this naked, a featherless bird. I was completely destroyed. I had no soul left."

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Posh Spice Popped By Cops!

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Victoria Beckham was left red-faced after being stopped by Los Angeles traffic police.

The former Spice Girl was halted by two motorcycle cops outside a Beverly Hills shopping complex for making an illegal right turn in her blacked-out Cadillac Escalade on Tuesday (22.05.07).

An embarrassed-looking Victoria, wearing a figure-hugging black dress unbuttoned to reveal her yellow lacy bra, presented her British driving licence and insurance details to one officer, who then ran the appropriate checks.

The star was sent on her way without a ticket and with instructions to apply for a Californian driver's licence, after charming the officers.

Victoria then drove straight to the state's Department of Motor Vehicles where she registered her 4x4 car and began the application process to obtain a US licence.

The whole incident was captured on film by a camera crew following the star around for her NBC reality TV series.

Victoria, 33, her husband David and their three sons are set to move to Los Angeles in July, when the soccer ace's contract with Los Angeles Galaxy starts.

Marilyn Manson Offends Justins Mom!

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Marilyn Manson shocked Justin Timberlake's mom by discussing a TV sex documentary he had seen.

The 38-year-old goth rocker bumped into Justin and his mother Lynn while the 'SexyBack' singer was on tour.

Manson told BBC Radio 1: "I met Justin Timberlake and I liked him. I met his mother too. He brings her on tour with him, I guess as some sort of prop.

"When we met I had just watched this sex documentary, unfortunately for his mother, and the first thing I said to her was 'Did you know that a woman has three holes between their legs?' She was fascinated."

Manson also revealed he has "a fascination with Justin Timberlake", and he carries a picture of the former *NSYNC star with him wherever he goes.

Manson's sixth studio album 'Eat Me, Drink Me' is due for release next month.

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Amy Whinehouse Having a SECOND WEDDING!

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Amy Winehouse is having a second wedding to please her mum.

The singer, who secretly married Blake Fielder-Civil in Miami last week, has revealed she is planning another ceremony in London for all her family.

Speaking at yesterday's Ivor Novello Awards (24.05.07), Amy said: "My dad was alright about it really - it was more my mum that wasn't. I would have loved my family to have been there but it was something just for us. We just wanted to go away and do something with no fuss.

"We've got to do something here now. I've got to go to Tiffany's to get my engagement ring re-sized and we'll pick out matching wedding bands."

Amy plans to have a lavish wedding party near her North London home, but it is unclear if there will be a formal ceremony or just a blessing.

A source said: "After talking it through with Blake and her parents, Amy has agreed to hold a big family bash near their North London home. It has not been agreed yet whether it will be a formal civil ceremony or a more chilled-out blessing."

Amy, 23, married music video assistant Blake, 24, at the Miami-Dade County marriage licence bureau just two weeks after Blake proposed.

Jessica Simpson - Life After John & Facing Her Fears

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Jessica Simpson has confessed she has been "cowering from her true identity" and needs to "face her fears".

The 'Employee of the Month' star had an epiphany during her recent trip to Europe, where she discovered her true self.

Jessica has now shared her new-found wisdom with her fans.

She wrote on her website: "I just got back from spending some time in Europe, and while I was there I visited many museums, and have been reading about different artists.

"I was reading a book about Michelangelo and there were two quotes that caught my attention - 'I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free' and 'Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing.'

"These quotes inspired me to write the below passage. I hope you can find your own individual meaning in it, as I keep coming back to it and find new strength.

"Sometimes we are all so afraid to be honest with ourselves because we know that honesty will lead us somewhere off the path of the life we've mapped out in our minds. Today, I challenge us to ask ourselves this - what if we allow our fear to provoke us into action? Can facing our fear be what walks us to somewhere better?

"I do not have your answers, but in the quest to find my own, I've discovered somewhere worth travelling to.

"In my life, I ignore my fears too often, but then I'm left with nothing to challenge the best of me. I just remain cowering from my true identity. There is no discovery."

Jessica, 26, has recently split with her boyfriend of nine months John Mayer.

The singer and actress previously confessed she had been "heartbroken" when her ex-husband Nick Lachey began dating Vanessa Minnillo shortly after their split.

Lindsay Lohan Plans New Album!

Lindsay Lohan wants her new album to be "urban pop".

The 'Mean Girls' star - whose last LP was 2005's 'A Little More Personal (Raw)' - is about to start work on her latest record with Maverick Records CEO Guy Oseary.

Lindsay said: "We'll start in probably June or July and take four months. It's going to be urban pop."

The 20-year-old is currently busy promoting her two new movies, 'Georgia Rule' in which she plays a rebellious young seductress, and 'I Know Who Killed Me' in which she plays a stripper.

The singer-and-actress has also been voted number one in Maxim magazine's Hot 100 list, but she is not entirely happy with the title.

She said: "It's really flattering, but it does get kind of awkward."

Meanwhile, it has been revealed the actress' 21st birthday party will be sponsored by a vodka company.

Lindsay's lawyer Mike Heller has revealed Svedka Vodka will be one of the sponsors of her upcoming July birthday bash.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Anna Nicoles Public Diary Revealed!

Image Hosted by

Anna Nicole Smith's private diary has been made public - revealing her most private thoughts on sex, men, motherhood and her mother.

Excerpts from the late Playboy Playmate's journal have been released detailing Anna Nicole's personal thoughts on her life from 1991 to 1992.

The star, who died of an accidental drug overdose aged 39 in February, had written - 'Don't Read!! Personall' - on the cover.

Much of Anna Nicole's diary focuses on her turbulent love life. She writes about a boyfriend, identified only by first name, who drinks and goes out too much.

Describing a row with her lover, Anna Nicole writes - in an entry littered with spelling and grammatical mistakes - that her boyfriend "came unglued. threw me out of his house and broke up with me it was awlful he hit me and my mother".

The diary also sheds light on the blonde's low self-esteem and careless attitude to her health and wellbeing.

On one occasion she draws a sad, crying face and writes, "I'm a very sad person".

Demi Moore - Desperate to Get Pregnant

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher's marriage is allegedly under pressure because of their failure to have a baby.

The 44-year-old actress already has three daughters with ex-husband Bruce Willis, but she and 29-year-old Ashton are keen to have a child of their own.

A source told America's Star magazine: "Demi seems very controlling. She likes to tell Ashton what to do, stand here, meet this person, do that. She wears the pants in that relationship.

"Ashton desperately wants a baby but is having to cope with the possibility that Demi may never bear his child."

Demi has been making a number of sacrifices and lifestyle changes to enhance her chances of conceiving - and is reportedly expecting Ashton to do the same.

The couple attended a party at a producer friend's Bel Air home in March and Demi was said to be furious when her younger spouse drank alcohol.

A witness said: "Ashton accepted a glass of champagne, after Demi refused the offer.

"She shot Ashton a look that said 'I'm not drinking, so you shouldn't either.' Ashton gave her a defiant look that appeared to say he didn't care, and he took a sip.

"She doesn't want him to do anything unhealthy because of their difficulty in trying to have a baby together.

"The bottom line is Demi and Ashton love each other. But it's tough going right now!"

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Celebrities Encouraging Drug Use and Alcohol Abuse

Does pop culture contribute to drug use and alcohol abuse in teenagers and college students? Many people are quick to jump in and yell out a resounding “No!” but maybe they should take a step back and try examining the world through the eyes of a young adult, trying to make sense of such a confusing world.

All of our lives we are told that certain things are wrong, but yet those same things that are wrong are consistently glorified in the media.

It is easy to tell a 16 year old or a 20 year old that drinking is wrong because they are underage, but who do they see when they are at the local grocery store? None other than 20 year old Lindsay Lohan’s photograph displayed across the front of every magazine by the checkout. There she is in the picture, looking beautiful, as always and exiting a night club. If Lindsay can do it why can’t a normal teen? She makes it seem so glam. But the confusion for a young one doesn’t end there. TMZ features video clips of Steveo from Jackass proudly displaying his bags of marijuana, even in front of the police – who amazingly laugh it off. Was this all set up? Maybe, but how can you tell. There’s no disclaimer.
Then there’s Paris Hilton and all of her drama – endless car accidents, a D.U.I., driving on a suspended license…but is she in jail yet? See, it doesn’t make any sense to a teenager why Paris can do all of these things but they can’t.
Want another great example? Watch any reality television show on MTV or VH1 and you will probably notice that at least 1/3 of the show is dedicated to watching college students get completely trashed…and they make it look so fun.

So how is a teen able to distinguish real reality versus “famous people reality” (Meaning if you’re rich, no rules apply) versus “television show reality” (Meaning the show pays for everything. New York from “I Love New York” doesn’t really live in a mansion. The college students on The Real World have bar tabs funded by the show – that’s not really their money, etc)?

Basically, it’s almost impossible to explain to a teenager that everything they see on television, read in magazines and watch on television isn’t really real…or maybe it is…But they shouldn’t participate in that kind of behavior, even though it looks like the best time ever.

So what do you do if you find out that your teen does have a drug or alcohol problem? Well, you can do what most parents do and try to stop it yourself. I never really understood this. I remember being young and experimenting with drugs and getting grounded. I think anyone who grew up in the 70’s or early 80’s has more than likely at least drank underage, if not tried other things. I understand why parents want to keep it quiet and try to solve the problem themselves, but does it really work?

A better solution is to seek help for your children. There’s lots of treatment centers that offer rehabilitation programs that will truly make a difference. Cliffside Malibu is one of them. They offer complete rehab programs for drugs and alcohol.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Paris Hilton Faces Jail Time!

Image Hosted by

The hotel heiress will appear in Los Angeles Superior Court today (04.05.07) where prosecutors are set to argue she be jailed for 45 days for driving with a suspended license.

In documents filed on Monday (31.04.07), lawyer Rockard J Delgadillo also insists he wants the 25-year-old socialite to abstain from alcohol for 90 days and wear a secure continuous remote alcohol monitoring (SCRAM) device.

The device would alert the police as soon as an alcoholic beverage passes Paris' lips.

Delgadillo claims Paris refused to follow a court order for her to attend an alcohol education programme, and is demanding her £120,000 Bentley be impounded for good measure.

The hotel heiress pleaded no contest to reckless driving in January and was placed on 36 months probation and ordered to pay fines.

But in March she was stopped by police for driving in West Hollywood without her headlights on and was found to be driving with a suspended driver's licence

Prosecutors insisted: "These violations demonstrate Hilton's disregard for the vehicle laws of this state."

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery

It's so easy to watch your favorite shows on television and wish your body looked like the celebrities you see. Everybody wishes there was something they could change about their physical appearance. Plastic surgery isn't just for celebrities anymore. The great thing about plastic surgery is that the benefits can be both physical and emotional, both external and internal.

The physical and external benefits of plastic surgery can be multi-faceted. The first thing that many people notice after plastic surgery is that their bodies seem more proportional or balanced. Whether a person opts to have surgery on their face, hips, breasts or thighs the aim is to sculpt the body in a way that looks natural. The result often allows people to look more like they feel like they should look. This may sound strange, but often a nose that is too large for a particular person's face or a bust that is too large or too small can blur all of this person's other features making them seem disproportionate. Surgeons aim to correct this by taking each individual's body into consideration before deciding on a desired result.

Whether a person chooses to undergo plastic surgery to improve their lifestyle or to improve their look there will always be emotional benefits when a person is finally able to feel comfortable in their body. Many people find that they are more outgoing, personable and confident when they become accustomed to their transformation and this heightened sense of self-esteem can be a benefit that lasts a lifetime.

The goal of Plastic Surgery 101 is to provide you with detailed plastic surgery information so you can make informed decisions as you consider having cosmetic surgery.

Plastic Surgery 101 offers facts about specific plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery procedures so you can make informed decisions. You can use this website to learn everything you need to know about any cosmetic procedure including Beverly Hills rhinoplasty, Los Angeles plastic surgery, breast lifts, botox and more.

Amy Winehouse Ordered to Clean Up Her Act by Boyfriend

Image Hosted by

Brit award winner Amy Winehouse has vowed to clean up her act - on her boyfriend's mother's orders.

The Back To Black hitmaker, whose drunken antics have earned her an unsavoury reputation, insists she does not have an alcohol problem but is willing to sort herself out for the sake of her partner Alex - and his embarrassed mum.

Winehouse, 23, says, "My boyfriend's mum keeps telling him I have a drink problem. She said she read it in the newspaper and he's got to tell me to stop drinking.

"It's embarrassing. People at work are saying to her that her 'daughter-in-law' is an alcoholic.

"I don't really have a problem with alcohol - I have a problem with me, which probably comes out when I drink."

Instead of wild nights out partying, the Rehab star now plans to stay at home with her man.

She adds, "I'm over that stuff. I don't want to get so out of my pram I can't remember it the next day.

Justin T. to Record Song with Paris Hilton

Image Hosted by

The hotel heiress has struck up a friendship with the 'SexyBack' singer - the ex-boyfriend of Paris' former friend Britney Spears - and claims he is working on a track for the pair.

Paris said: "I think we blend well and he says that he has something in mind for both of us. I can't wait."

The blonde socialite released a pop album last year - entitled 'Paris', which entered America's Billboard Hot 200 album chart at number six - and scored a global hit with single 'Stars Are Blind'.

However, her music career was short-lived and despite shifting 621,350 copies worldwide, her album was mauled by critics.

Last month, it was reported Justin was planning to work with ex Britney.

Justin - who first met Britney while starring on children's TV show 'The Mickey Mouse Club' and dated her for four years until 2002 - apparently wants to give his one-time love a helping hand and rebuild her faltering pop career.

Sacha Cohen (Borat) To Play Freddie Mercury

Sacha Baron Cohen To Play Freddie Mercury?.... Borat star Sacha Baron Cohen has reportedly emerged as the frontrunner to portray tragic Queen frontman Freddie Mercury in a biopic produced by Robert De Niro.

The funnyman has beaten his Sweeney Todd co-star Johnny Depp for the lead role after impressing the film's producers, reports British newspaper The Sun.

An insider says, "Filmmakers are working flat out to get the best possible script. Sacha loves the idea he can get away with playing Freddie after modelling Borat's look on him."

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Britney Spears Topless Photos Leaked Online!

Image Hosted by

Spears Furious Over Topless Photos.... Comeback singer Britney Spears is reportedly furious after topless pictures of her have been leaked online.

In the saucy shots, a grinning Spears poses outside, kneeling on a rock, while holding two flowers over her nipples.

And the singer is furious about the timing of the pictures - she has just embarked on a comeback trail, performing live in a series of comeback gigs this week (begs01May07) in California.

A close pal of the singer tells British newspaper The Daily Star, "Britney's furious these photos have become public. She never dreamed they'd be leaked.

She's concerned the photos will damage her credibility and just make her look trashy.

"She's concentrating on her career and this draws the focus from her music."

Kristine Lefebvre from The Apprentice Does PLAYBOY

Kristine Lefebvre isn't your typical Playboy model.

Kristine Lefebvre - You know her from last season's The Apprentice Los Angeles. This leggy, drop-dead gorgeous 38-year-old is a high-powered Hollywood attorney. She grew up an army brat-her dad was a colonel!-and she has been married for more than seven years to celebrity chef Ludovic Lefebvre.

So, why did she agree to strip down and bare everything for the June cover of Hugh Hefner's legendary men's magazine?

One word: Cancer.

Image Hosted by

Now, I am not the kind of gal to be flipping through Playboy (that certainly doesn't come as a surprise to my friends, family and anyone who reads my column!), but Kristine's story got my attention. I think I am one of the few who can honestly say I read Playboy for the articles.

Kristine is a cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer after two years of infertility treatments resulted in two miscarriages. She underwent a radical hysterectomy about a year and a half ago.

"I ended up switching oncologists, because my first oncologist refused to let me harvest eggs before my surgery," Kristine told me yesterday. "So, I found a woman who understood my needs and said, 'Yes, it's a risk, but it's a well-considered risk, and if I were you, I'd absolutely do it.' So, we have 10 frozen little babies."

Kristine's journey continued even during the Playboy shoot. "There was a while when I was like, Am I even a woman any more?" she says. "Can I please my husband? Will my husband want to be married to someone like me, because I can't bear his children?"

It was during the shoot that Kristine decided to share her story. "I want people who have gone through what I've gone through to realize they're still a whole person," Kristine says. "I hope there's one woman out there who has had breast cancer and is willing to go back into her lingerie drawer and pull out that lace bra-not to make her husband or her boyfriend feel good but to make herself feel good."

While Kristine has negotiated Playboy deals for clients like Pamela Anderson and Deborah Gibson, it was a call from Hefner that finally convinced her to pose. "Hef called me personally at my office," Kristine remembers. "And I was like, All right, damn! These people know how to negotiate. He just said, 'You know, I understand we've been in discussions for you to appear in the magazine, and I really hope that we can work this out, because I would love to have you in the magazine.' I thought his assistant was going to be on the phone, but it was actually him on the phone and him telling me he hopes we can make a deal because he wants me in the magazine."

Kristine's hysterectomy scars are not visible in her Playboy photos. "They did not leave the scars in," she says. "You know, I had no problem leaving them in, but I understand that my personal soapbox is not what's going to sell magazines. Men want to see a body. They don't want to see a scar from hip to hip."

To see all of Kristine, pick up the June issue, which hits stands tomorrow.

Now cancer free, Kristine and her husband are looking to start a family. She says, "I will be using some of my Playboy money to get a surrogate so we can have our little frozen babies turn into the real thing."

Kristine's parents have no problem with her Playboy gig. Her mom, after all, is more hippie than army wife. "She picked up my younger brother from first grade in a crocheted bikini and blond hair down to her ass-in a private school on a military base in Hawaii," Kristine recalls. "You're embarrassed as a kid, but now I look at it and I'm like, 'Good for her!' "

Kristine's parents are also used to their daughter's less than conventional ways of doing things. "When I met my husband, I called my dad and said we were getting married, and I'd only known the man for about two weeks," she says. "We've been married seven and a half years now. So, I might make decisions that some people think are rash, but I've never made a decision that I regret in life."

So, what does Donald Trump have to say? "The man was obsessed with my body during the show," Kristine says. "Literally obsessed, because the second task was the swimsuit one, and I was the one on our team who modeled the suit. After the runway show, he came in the back and said, 'Oh, my God! Who would have known that body was under there? You should be a model.' "

During another Apprentice task, Kristine had to play some golf. "Mr. Trump introduced me to Mark King, who is the president of TaylorMade Golf, and Mark was commenting on my swing, and Mr. Trump said, 'Well, you should see the body under those clothes,'' Kristine recalls. "I was, like, 'Mr. Trump! Do you want a smart person working for you, or do you just want eye candy? Let me know, because I need to adjust my focus in this game.' "

Kristine's work on The Apprentice began just six months after her hysterectomy and six weeks after a failed adoption. "I went through the craziest path to sort of heal from this process-The Apprentice and then Playboy," she says. "It's not your normal course of therapy, but it ended up working."

Friday, May 04, 2007

Summer Weight Loss Camp for Children and Teens! - Sponsored Post

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Spice Girls Reunite for Christmas Album!

The Spice Girls have reportedly been offered £1 million each to reunite for a Christmas concert.

Mel B joined Victoria Beckham, Geri Halliwell and pregnant Emma Bunton in London for Victoria's husband David's 32nd birthday bash on Wednesday night (02.05.07).

Celebrations at exclusive Italian restaurant Cipriani soon turned into reunion talks after the girls were asked to consider staging a comeback show.

A source told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "Mel B had been telling everyone she was going to London to say happy birthday to David. She went to the party because she wanted to hang out with the girls and because they had business to discuss. They have been offered a fortune to do the show and they want to do it."

Mel C, who did not attend the party, is said to now be open to the offer after meeting her former bandmates at the christening of Geri's daughter Bluebell Madonna last month.

Hasselhoff's Drunken Video Surfaces

David Hasselhoff asked his children to video him when drunk so he could "see what he is like".

A video of the former 'Baywatch' star, a recovering alcoholic, is has now appeared on the internet, and shows him rolling around shirtless on a hotel room floor trying to eat a hamburger.

Hasselhoff's 16-year-old daughter Taylor is heard pleading: "Dad, you have to promise me you're not going to get alcohol tonight, OK? You hear me? No alcohol!

"The doctor is coming over here in the morning to check your alcohol level. If you have any alcohol in your system, you are going to be fired from the show."

The 54-year-old, who is currently starring in musical 'The Producers' in Las Vegas, is furious the tape has been made public during his bitter divorce battle with Pamela Bach.

Hasselhoff said: "I am a recovering alcoholic. Despite that I have been going through a painful divorce and I have recently been separated from my children due to my work, I have been successfully dealing with my issue.

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