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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Where to Buy Celebrity Car Audio on A Budget!

If you love rollling down the street looking like a celebrity but have a middle class budget you're going to truly fall in love with this awesome website I found! Its a branch of the famous Wiki - the new site is ShopWiki. ShopWiki allows you to find the products you are looking for without the downsides of traditional paid shopping websites. My biggest complaint about "paid shopping sites" is; lets say you need buy car dvd players or car audio merchandise - after you trpe in the name of what you are searching for (i.e: "Car Video Player") you'll get a bunch of results - but only from advertisers who PAID to have their result placed into the search. ShopWiki is different!
If you go to ShopWiki and search to buy Car Speakers or receivers you'll get the FULL results of ALL the available devices - not just the companies that paid for listings.

ShopWiki is truly a cool site that everyone should check out! So if you're in the market to buy Car Audio / DVD players or anything else to pimp your ride, be sure to check out ShopWiki!