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Monday, November 27, 2006

Creating Back Links - Sponsored Message

The key to making money online for bloggers, writers and any website owner is getting traffic. As mentioned in millions of other work at home articles, you get traffic by having articles that people want to read. But one often overlooked key to success is having “back links”. Are you asking yourself “What the (fill in the blank with profanity of choice) is a BACK LINK?”
If so then this is a great article for you to read!

Who can benefit from Back Links?

Writers – Do you write for Associated Content or any other website? Even your own site/blog? You need back links to increase your traffic flow so you make more money! Even sites like Associated Content pay more for articles from authors with high “clouts” (lots of readership).

Site Owners – Weather you own your site to promote your business or you just love to blog, visitors = money. Back links = visitors. Simple math!

Affiliates – Do you work with any affiliate or referral companies? If you do then you make money off sales. You need people to buy your product so you can get paid.

And so on.

So what is a “Back Link” -
A back link is basically a link to you, your work or your site that has nothing to do with your site…a “back door”, if you will. For example, if a fellow site owner sees my site, Paid Opportunities ( and on their own, decides to link one of their articles or even their entire site to it, this is a back link.

Back links are critical in attracting traffic because they play a HUGE role in search engine ranking. The more places that link to your work, the higher ranking you will have. That is why many big named companies pay people to link to them. BUT, alas, folks like you and I don’t have the money to spend marketing our materials. But we can still get the same results as the big shots, and we can do it for FREE (my favorite words)! All it takes is a little time and the “know-how”, which of course I am going to share with you!

Here’s how to build back links for FREE:

1. Submit to Directories. Listing your work with directories is a great way to get back links. Be sure to list with ones like Yahoo and DMOZ. I have also gotten lots of traffic from lesser-known ones like IceRocket. You can find a million directories by just doing a web search for “Blog Listing” or something of that nature. These search engines list your blog, thus creating back links.
2. The Buddy System. Ask your friends or family to link to your site. Even if their content isn’t totally related.
3. Link Baiting – (My FAVORITE!) This may seem a little tricky at first, but it’s not. Check it out - All you have to do is produce an article about a company or product then tell them about it. Don’t choose compnies like Ford Motor or Fisher Price because they could probably care less, instead pick a company that is would love to have the publicity. When you tell them about your article BE SURE to include complete permission for them to link to it AS WELL AS the link itself. I’m telling you, these companies eat this stuff up! It’s a recipe for success all the way.
4. Press Releases – Here’s the toughest one of all but it’s very possible and amazingly rewarding. If you can get people to write about you or your site entirely then you’re going to get a lot of links out of it. For example, a large newspaper saw one of my articles and decided to publish an entire article on me and my work. This is awesome because it’s free publicity. Also, Associated Content had a special offer for it’s authors to interview another author. I have been incredibly fortunate that people actually took the time to think of interviewing me!
5. Locate Sites – You can use the internet to search for other site owners, authors and bloggers with your same content and ask if they would like to link to you. Sometimes these people may think you’re weird and wonder why you want to link to them, but oh well. Most will be glad to.

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