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Friday, November 10, 2006

Denise Richards Goes Crazy?!?!?

Denise Richards had some drama on Wednesday on the set of her latest movie Blonde and Blonder. Apparently, Denise threw a couple of laptops off of a casino balcony where she's filming and injured a wheelchair-bound elderly woman in the process. The computers belonged to a pair of photographers that Denise recognized and they had infiltrated the set to take pictures of Denise and co-star Pamela Anderson. The 80-year-old victim of Denise's computer tossing was not seriously hurt and does not want to press charges, but the Police are still investigating. The production company behind Blonde And Blonder has agreed to pay for damages to the laptops. The owners of the computers told police that casino staff that refused to give them back had taken their machines away. Supposedly before she took matters into her own hands, Denise had repeatedly complained about the paparazzi's behavior around the set.

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