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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Hot Christian Bale Admits His Films are "Cold"

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Christian Bale says some of the films he has starred are "crap".

The 'Batman Begins' star has admitted he isn't proud of every movie he has been involved with, but says there isn't another job he would rather be doing.

He said: "I've certainly had times when I've thought, 'This is the most pointless c**p I've ever come across'. Then I've thought, 'Yes but what would you rather be doing?' and I haven't come up with anything else yet."

Although Christian has enjoyed success as the caped crusader and in 'American Psycho', he claims movie bosses are often reluctant to cast him in leading roles.

He moaned: "I was somebody who was creatively accepted, but on the business side, it was always a big pain in the a**e when somebody wanted to cast me."

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