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Monday, May 29, 2006

Budweiser HATES Tara Reid!

Budweiser HATES Tara Reid!
We all know she can party like a rock-star, but when a beer company doesn’t want its name associated with you, you may have some issues.
Party queen Tara Reid recently crashed a private party on the Budweiser yacht.

On May 20th, Reid crashed a private X-Men soiree on the Bud company yacht, and apparently put on quite the show. It must have been a real shit show, because Budweiser representatives say, “They (Bud) don’t want the brand associated with her.”

I just assumed that everyone knew better than to associate themselves with Tara Reid. The only person I feel should be hanging around Reid, would be cocaine snorting Kate Moss. The two of these partiers would be blowing rails off each other’s tits by the end of the night. As bad as this sounds, I would love to see that!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

More Wardrobe Malfunctions! Pussycat Dolls & Paris!

Another Wardrobe Malfunction? This times it's from The Pussycat Dolls. When will celebs learn? Hopefully not on our watch!


This has got to be one of the worst Paris pics of all time!



London’s ‘The Daily Mirror’" newspaper says that Britney Spears and Kevin Federline are finished.

For the first time Britney’s spokesmen is not denying reports that a divorce is eminent. Britney and Kevin have not been seen together for weeks and reports claim Kevin has been banished to living in the basement of their Malibu home. The final straw may have been when Britney returned from New York early this week and found Kevin once again drunk and stoned.

Shit really hit the fan after Kevin spent Mothers Day with Shar Jackson - the mother of his first two children - instead of Britney. Even though Britney is worth more than 120 million dollars, getting rid of Kevin may cost her as little as 350,000 and a half share of their Malibu home, thanks to an extremely strict prenuptial agreement.

A source says, “Their relationship has totally broken down. Britney desperately wanted it to work and still does for the sake of their family, but she has had enough of him and the awful friends he hangs around with.”

K-Fed should write a book or something. Maybe something like ‘Gold Digging For Dummies‘….!

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Friday, May 26, 2006

Paris & Lohan Exchange Words

Paris & Lohan Exchange Words
Hotel heiress Paris Hilton and actress Lindsay Lohan shocked patrons at Hollywood hotspot Hyde on Friday night (12MAY06) by engaging in a furious row.

The socialite and her sister Nicky, faced-off against the Mean Girls star, who they claim interrupted their evening out with friends.

Hilton's representative Elliot Mintz explains, "Paris was having a conversation with a couple of friends.

"Lindsay approached her table and at that moment Paris felt she was being interrupted and didn't wish to speak to Lindsay.

"A couple of words were exchanged and Lindsay went back to her table.

"I can understand how other patrons in the club could have thought it had been a bigger deal than it actually was."

Sources tell website that the source of the tension may be because Lindsay has recently been on a publicity campaign for her new film Just My Luck and reportedly mentioned HIlton's name in interviews with the media.

The source claims Hilton doesn't want Lohan using her name to help further her career. - The

Ludacris & Kanye - Ripping off Music?

Ludacris & Kanye - Ripping off Music?
According to the NY Daily News, Rapper Ludacris testified that allegations he and Kanye West ripped off an unknown hip-hop group's lyrics are ludicrous.
The upstart New Jersey group claims the duo cribbed from the song "Straight Like That" and used them in the hit single "Stand Up," which has sold more than 500,000 copies.

The hip-hop duo shot back that the only thing the songs have in common are the words "like that," a phrase they noted is used in everyday conversation.

"We're known as two of the most creative artists in the game," West told jurors in Manhattan Federal Court.

West said he could understand why the group known as It's Our Family would try to take on big-name artists like himself and Ludacris, whose real names is Chris Bridges.

"It's like that glimmer of hope," he said. "You're this close. I've been in those shoes. I understand why they would sue."

I.O.F.'s lawyer Mel Sachs said demo tapes of "Straight Like That" were distributed to Ludacris and West. Both men said they had never heard the song before the lawsuit.

Ludacris said he had never heard the phrase "straight like that" before. He pointed to a blue notebook where he had drafted the words to "Stand Up," which includes the phrase "just like that."

"I feel as if there is no way to define my style," Ludacris said. "I think I'm very original."

Jesse James & Sandra Bullock - BABY on the Way?

It appears that Sandra may be mommy-to-be! She's clearly trying to hide behind her coat!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Angelina to Give Birth on JUNE 4th!

Angelina to Give Birth on JUNE 4th!
Soon-to-be new (biological) mother Angelina Jolie has, as we all know, been making herself as comfortable as possible in her African hideaway in Namibia, and now it has turned into what is being viewed by hundreds of 'pilgrims' and tourists as a 'shrine', and they just keep coming.

Namibian Locals suggest that the economy is full of life, literally, and hundreds of visitors make stops at a resting site close by the pregnant actress' rented Burning Shore Beach Lodge, according to reports.

According to Contact Music, these dedicated visitors cook up their meals on open fires and then proceed to travel across the beach for a quick peep at Brad Pitt and his wife-to-be.

A local is quoted as saying, "We've never seen anything like it."

"They all want to get a tiny glimpse and be able to say they were close to Angelina and Brad."

Angelina Jolie and her Hollywood hottie lover flew in their OBGYN, and Life & Style says the doctor will induce Jolie's labor on 3 June (06), unless the actress manages to deliver naturally before then.

But the odd thing of it is, Angelina's birthday is 4 June, so it's no wonder why the star is planning to induce labor on 3 June.

It all makes sense, now. - TMZ

Martha Stewart in Trouble AGAIN

Martha Stewart in Trouble AGAIN
She's done the time, but Martha Stewart is still dealing with the crime. By Thursday, she must respond to civil charges against her by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission over insider trading of ImClone Systems stock.

After a highly publicized criminal case, Stewart spent five months in prison from 2004 to 2005 and another five and a half months under house arrest for lying to prosecutors about selling 4,000 shares of ImClone in late 2001.

The civil lawsuit against her was stayed during the criminal trial and was only lifted last month, prosecutors told the New York Times.

If Stewart, 64, pleads not guilty by the end of Thursday, she will be required to appear for a deposition, which the Times says would place her in a "precarious"' legal position.

Stewart may negotiate a settlement at any time over the next few months as the trial looms, says the Times.

Stewart's attorney, Dennis J. Block, did not return calls by the Times seeking comment. -

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

American Idol - How they Pick a Song

American Idol - How they Pick a Song
Song choice is critical when you're competing on 'American Idol'. Simon, Paula and Randy constantly bash 'Idols' based on their song selections alone. Now, TMZ has the lowdown on how the song selection process works -- and it's more involved than you would think.

'Idols' don't have a full range of songs to choose from. Instead, they're given a list of songs, and TMZ has seen the binder that the 'Idol's use in making their pivotal decisions. The list is a stapled packet almost one inch thick. Inside the packet are songs that are cleared by 'Idol's' legal team and by the artists themselves.

TMZ was there as several 'Idol's flipped through the approved song packet earlier this season. They hummed each song as they went down the list and bellowed out the lyrics to see how they sounded. Other contestants would give their two cents' worth to fellow competitors if they thought a particular song was not for them.

Contestants can choose any song from the list, even if another contestant has already chosen the same song. However, TMZ noticed contestants steering clear of any song another contestant chose -- especially if they were going up against Katharine McPhee with the same song.

Jen & Vince - Silent Treatment?

Jen & Vince - Silent Treatment?
Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn kept a healthy distance between them at Monday's Los Angeles premiere of their new romantic comedy, The Break-Up.

Aniston walked the red carpet a good five minutes before Vaughn, and the pair never got within 25 feet of each other.

Still, both signed autographs for some of the hundreds of screaming fans and, once inside the theater, posed for group pictures with costars Jon Favreau and Joey Lauren Adams and director Peyton Reed.

Aniston, looking tan and relaxed, told reporters of Vaughn, "He's a professional. He's unbelievably good at his job. I didn't feel compromised as an actor because my costar was going off and doing his thing."

Of herself, she said, "I'm just happy. There's no reason to be anything else, is there? There's enough of that in the world."

Vaughn, who is also a producer and writer of The Break-Up, was in equally high spirits. "I feel great," he said. "The response has been so good, the movie's very funny, and it also has some real moments in it. I'm excited to be out tonight."

The couple, who got to know each other while making the film, have never confirmed anything more than an off-screen friendship, although Vaughn told Oprah Winfrey this month that Aniston is "just really smart and funny and easy to be with."

Musing on their future, he said, "No, I have not talked about having kids with Jennifer," he said, and then joked, "First we have to have the $8 million wedding."

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Clay Aiken Gay SEX SCANDAL

Clay Aiken Gay SEX SCANDAL
And the gay Clay rumors continue — at this point, either Star has some tipsters who are very skilled at Photoshop, or they managed to obtain some real (though not very racy) webcam shots of the former American Idol star. Y'all Clay fans can email whatever you want, but the photos are pretty solid evidence on this one.

The backstory goes something like this: Clay Aiken, 22, was in Boston on tour on Dec. 5, where he logged onto gay pick-up webspot, Who knows, Clay maybe could have gotten laid, if only he had been staying at the Ritz. His Wyndham Hotel digs, apparently, were pretty unimpressive to the guy he was chatting up online. What was that term again? Oh, yeah, B-List.

Here's a snippet of the online conversation between pasty-stomach-Clay and his potential lover:

Clay: i'm in a hotel downtown. please come see me

Source: which one?

CA: wyndham

Source: dude

Source: that's IT???

CA: what?

Source: you're not at the ritz

CA: no

Source: or the park plaza??? sheesh!

CA: no

Source: B-List!!!!

CA: i like to save money

Source: hahahahaha

CA: i dont need to waste money on a hotel room. as long as it has a bed and a toliet. no need to act all uppity.



Rumors are quickly spreading that Clay may be pulled from the AI finalie due to new break throughs in this case. It has been said that AI producers (Hmm...Simon Fuller?) doesn't want the media involved. In fact, American Idol forbade reporters from asking Aiken about his gay sex scandal during the finale! So what are the options? Smuggle Clay in a secret enterance? We shall see!

Photo Source

Tommy Hilfiger PUNCHES Axl Rose!!!!

BEHIND nearly every good bar fight is a beautiful woman - and the epic nightclub clash between Axl Rose and Tommy Hilfiger is no exception.
While some say Hilfiger popped Rose in the eye after the Guns N' Roses frontman moved Hilfiger's girlfriend's drink at The Plumm last Thursday night, Page Six has learned that the combatants have been at odds since Rose started dating Diane O'Connor, the ex-wife of Hilfiger's adopted brother, denim designer Michael H.

One source even went so far as to claim that the Hilfiger brothers had made a "pact" to pummel Rose on sight. While we're not sure we believe that the preppie fashion icon - who just sold his empire for $1.6 billion - would engage in such premeditated thuggery, it might explain his seemingly unprovoked attack on Rose.

A spokeswoman for Hilfiger declined repeated requests for comment yesterday, and Rose's manager did not return calls.

But Rose told Page Six in an exclusive interview after the brawl that Hilfiger may have been angry because the designer - whom Rose described as "foaming at the mouth" - had been told to move to make room for the rock god and his entourage.

Other witnesses said Hilfiger went nuclear after Rose moved a drink belonging to Hilfiger's girlfriend.

When Guns N' Roses took the stage shortly after the scuffle to perform an acoustic set to mark actress Rosario Dawson's 27th birthday, Rose - sporting a small red mark under his eye - dedicated the song "You're Crazy" to "my good friend Tommy Hilfiger."

But if O'Connor was the reason for his rift with Hilfiger, Rose was sticking to his story on Sunday afternoon, when artist Mark Kostabi ran into him on Ninth Avenue in Chelsea.

Kostabi, who designed the cover of GN'R's 1991 album "Use Your Illusion," tells us that Rose was amused by the photograph of Hilfiger crouched in what appeared to be a karate pose on the cover of Saturday's Post. The instant classic was snapped moments before the frothing fashionista punched Rose.

"I don't hold any grudge against him," Rose said of Hilfiger on Sunday. "I just don't understand him. I loved the way the photo in The Post made it look like [Hilfiger] was doing karate chops!"

Axl also confirmed our scoop that he plans to move to New York after GN'R's tour of Europe this summer.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Everybody knows about the Janet Jackson Wardrobe Malfunction and the Tara Reed dress-slip, but did you know that wardrobe malfunctions are a common thing? I wonder if they are all truly accidental...

Jessica Simpson's BIG Wardrobe Mishap!


Jessica Simpson's Latest Break Up

Jessica Simpson's Latest Break Up
Jessica Simpson is going through another break-up - this time with her assistant.

After two years Jessica's best friend CaCee Cobb has resigned from her role as the singer's assistant to pursue a showbiz career.

A source told America's People magazine: "Her job was always intended as a stepping stone."

While the pair insist they will remain friends, CaCee's resignation follows reports she was seen partying with Jessica's ex husband, Nick Lachey.

Jessica and Nick, who starred in the MTV reality series 'Newlyweds', split up six months ago.

Lachey and CaCee were spotted chatting all night at the Pure nightclub in Las Vegas and then met up again a few weeks later in LA club Shag.

The source said: "CaCee has always been friends with both Jessica and Nick."

Lachey's brother Drew slammed the rumour of a possible romance as "ridiculous".

Nick has been linked to a host of beauties since splitting from Jessica, including 'Laguna Beach' star Kristin Cavallari, and says he is desperate to get married again.

PINK - Angry, Worried and Going Crazy

Does PINK have Cancer?
Pop punk Pink believes she will live to well into old age - because she constantly worries about her health.

The Just Like A Pill hitmaker, 26, is constantly teased by friends who think she'll live forever because she's always convinced there's something wrong with her

The singer says, "I reckon that I'm going to live until I'm 186, because I'm a hypochondriac. Because I'm a hypochondriac my friends are convinced that I'm going to live forever.

"I think everything's wrong. I have these, I like to call them beauty marks, this mole. I had like a pimple near it or under it or something and I thought I had skin cancer and had a week to live. I was writing goodbye letters.

"I swear I went to the dermatologist and I was like, 'I don't want to know, but there's something wrong.' He came back and he said, 'You have a zit. Would you like some face cream?'"

Meanwhile in other news the pop star hates that her friends are now calling her by her real name - because she associates it with being told off.

The Stupid Girls star, real name Alecia Moore, claims to have got the nickname 'Pink' after a childhood incident where she had her trousers pulled down at summer camp and ended up blushing bright pink.

And she also claims the nickname comes from looking like Steve Buscemi's character Mr Pink in cult film Reservoir Dogs.

But now that her nickname of Pink is so widely used in the media and by her fans, her friends and family have started calling her Alecia again - even though she doesn't like it.

Pink says, "All my friends have pretty much reverted back to Alecia because the world has claimed Pink. It was my nickname but now it's not ours anymore, it's just how everyone knows me. Now Alecia is more like my nickname, my pet name.

"I'm still getting used to it. It's very strange. Carey uses Alecia when he's mad at me. When anybody is mad at me they call me Alecia. That's why it makes me uncomfortable."

J-Lo In DEPRESSION because of BEN!!

J-Lo In DEPRESSION because of BEN!!
Jennifer Lopez has confessed that seeing her ex-Ben Affleck with his family makes her depressed.

The Latino star admitted the thought of Ben and Jennifer Garner and their new baby makes her sick.

Jennifer told Britain's Star magazine: "Just raising the subject depresses me."

It is no secret that Jennifer wants to have children and she has even considered following the latest celebrity trend of adopting a baby.

However, husband Mark Anthony, 37, who already has three children of his own, seems to be reluctant.

J.Lo has been married to husband Mark Anthony for almost two years where as Ben and Jennifer got married a year after them.

Mel Gibson Talks Smack About Da Vinci Code!

Mel Gibson Talks Smack About Da Vinci Code!
Mel Gibson (Pasion of the Christ) is outraged by the movie The Da Vinci Code and it's controversial plot concerning Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene.

Gibson says, "What worries me is that people will take this as fact. I'm not angry, per say, that it refutes everything I hold sacred, the foundations of my beliefs. The Da Vinci Code is an admitted work of fiction but it cleverly weaves fact into maverick theories in a way that will appear plausible to some."

The angry star was actually the first choice of Dr Robert Lomas' (the intellectual who inspired the Robert Langdon character) to play him, not Tom Hanks.

Lomas says, "In an ideal world I'd quite like to have been played by Mel Gibson."

- the

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Spears Almost DROPS BABY in Public!

Spears Almost DROPS BABY in Public!
Opps, She did it AGAIN! This afternoon Brit Almost dropped poor Sean Preston on the ground in busy public!

The web-enabled stalkerazzi at have just posted a photo gallery of Britney Spears' latest infant-vs-gravity "mishap," a brief near-fumble of Sean Preston, the toddler who seems doomed to be the most perpetually endangered offspring in celebritydom until Lindsay Lohan gives birth to a baby made entirely of cocaine. TMZ describes the scene thusly:
We're told Britney was holding a drink in her right hand and Sean in her left as she maneuvered through a crowd of onlookers. Britney moves through the crowd and then she suddenly trips, the baby's head goes backward and his hat flies off his head. Britney regained her balance and the baby seemed ok.
Quite frankly, all of the chatter about Spears' seemingly insufficient parenting skills--based on an isolated incident in which she asked her son to drive a getaway car and an equally isolated incident in which the baby was the victim of a tragic high-chair malfunction--is overblown. As the photos demonstrate, she's learned from her minor hiccups of responsibility and contracted the needed back-up, hiring a full-time (and handsomely mustachioed, we might add) infant-impact prevention specialist to trail her at all times.
Britney Stumbles -- Almost Drops Baby Sean []

Survivor Star now must SURVIVE PRISON!!!

Survivor Star now must SURVIVE PRISON!!!
Richard Hatch, the original "Survivor" winner, was sentenced today to 51 months in prison for tax evasion. Hatch, 45, was convicted in January of failing to report income of $1.4 million to the Internal Revenue Service (that figure included the $1 million payday he banked for winning the CBS reality show in 2000). During this morning's sentencing hearing in U.S. District Court in Providence, Judge Ernest Torres gave Hatch additional prison time after prosecutors argued that he perjured himself during trial. A copy of the criminal indictment filed against Hatch can be found below. In addition to the sentence enhancement, Torres ordered Hatch to pay nearly $500,000 in overdue taxes. Hatch's sentencing resulted in this gem of a quote being uttered (at least in a Department of Justice press release) by prosecutor Eileen O'Connor: "Our nation's federal tax system is not a reality show to be outwitted, it is a reality, period." Ugh, that's worth some punishment itself. - -The Smoking Gun.Com

Is Suge Knight BROKE?!

Is Suge Knight BROKE?!
Dogged by $12 million in tax liens and other legal judgments, rap music titan Marion "Suge" Knight is down to $11 in his checking accounts and the bling on his back, according to a bankruptcy court filing. The Death Row Records founder, who filed for Chapter 11 protection last month, claims that his $4.4 million in assets is dwarfed by $137.4 million in debt. He filed for bankruptcy shortly after being hit with a $100 million judgment in a lawsuit brought by a woman who claims she was instrumental in the founding of Death Row. According to schedules filed in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles (excerpts of which you'll find below), the 41-year-old Knight has no monthly income and meager asssets, including $25,000 in jewelry and clothing worth $1000. He also lists monthly expenses of about $30,000, the majority of which ($24,700) is earmarked for "alimony, maintenance, and support paid to others." While Knight's plight seems dire, his court filing lists as "unknown" the value of his interest in ten companies, including Death Row, Getto Records, and Blood Money Entertainment. We're not sure how Suge plans to emerge from bankruptcy, but perhaps the Bloods-affiliated producer could once again hang Vanilla Ice by his feet off a hotel balcony--only this time, he'll have to see if any change falls from the wack rapper's pockets. - -The Smoking


Could Katie Holmes have lost her body? This photo is proof that having a baby isn't always easy and quick to recover from!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Charlie & Denise - Peace at Last?

Charlie & Denise - Peace at Last?
In a sign that Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen are trying to settle their divorce amicably, the estranged couple agreed to a temporary child custody settlement on Friday. “Denise and Charlie are working with the Courts to privately resolve their differences regarding their children," the pair said in a joint statement. "They hope to resolve this matter outside of the public forum and will both continue to make every effort in this regard." Sheen will be allowed supervised visitations one day per week with the couple's two daughters, Lola, 10 months, and Sam, 2. Sheen and Richards also agreed to hire a psychologist to evaluate the custody situation. This gesture of civility is a change from last month when Richards filed papers in Los Angeles Superior Court claiming that Sheen had threatened to kill her and had visited pornography Web sites featuring "very young" girls. Sheen, 40, denied the claims. A judge, however, ordered him to stay 300 feet away from Richards, except during his visitation hours. The restraining order has been extended through June 7. Richards, 34, originally filed for divorce in March of last year, when she was six months pregnant with Lola. The pair appeared to briefly reconcile after Lola's birth in June, but on Jan. 4, they requested that their divorce proceed with a private arbitrator. - -

American Idol: Will Chris Take New Job Offer?

American Idol: Will Chris Take New Job Offer?
RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) - Getting booted from "American Idol" this week is going to launch the music career he's dreamed about his entire life, Chris Daughtry said Thursday.
He didn't have to wait long - hours later he was offered a job with the band 'Fuel.'
"I'm a songwriter myself," the 26-year-old told reporters Thursday, one day after viewers shocked just about everyone and voted him off the TV talent show. "To be able to launch my own career would be a dream" come true.
Daughtry, who dreamed of becoming a rock star while working in the service department at a Greensboro car dealership, said he is considering whether to pursue fronting an established rock band or launching a solo career.
Then 'Fuel' made its offer. Bass player Jeff Abercrombie and guitarist Carl Bell made their pitch on the TV show "Extra."
"Chris, if you are watching, we've talked about this before, and if you want to entertain it again we'll take it and go," Abercrombie said.
The buzz around Daughtry for weeks has been that he could end up the band's lead singer. He performed the band's song "Hemorrhage" on a recent "Idol" show.
His wife, Deanna Daughtry, said she's not sure which option he should pursue, but either way music is all he's ever wanted to do.
"He's got a lot on him and hopefully he'll have a lot of wisdom there," she said. "The public forgets so fast about those idols once they get off the show. I just hope they don't forget about Chris."
Many observers thought the shaved-head rocker from McLeansville would win this year's competition.
On Tuesday's show, Daughtry performed two Elvis Presley songs. His rendition of "Suspicious Minds" drew strong reviews from judges. Paula Abdul said, "See you in the finals."
Judge Simon Cowell said his second song - "A Little Less Conversation" - was "flat" and not as good as the first performance.
Daughtry, who said he doesn't regret anything he did on the show, said he was shocked to get voted off because so many people had picked him to win - which may have led overconfident fans to not bother casting votes.
"They didn't have to vote as hard, and I think that was the downfall, in my opinion," he said, refusing to critique the other three finalists. "It was definitely a gut-wrenching moment and I was not expecting it, even a little bit."
Some fans around his hometown fear their votes were mistakenly credited to one of the other contestants because they'd get another hopeful's voice thanking them for the call instead of Daughtry's, family friend Tracey Adams said.
One music industry expert said it definitely shouldn't be the end for Daughtry, who has a great opportunity to cash in as a solo artist because of the equity he's built on the show.
"I think he should definitely pursue that at this point," said Jeff Walker, president of AristoMedia, a Nashville-based company that develops and promotes music artists. "He's got a lot of people that like him." -

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Was Chris Daughtry falsely voted off of American Idol? There is now a conspiracy theory floating around on the internet. Was Chris set up to fail? Was this a FOX plot to gain ratings? Was there a mistake in the vote tallying? This is quickly becoming, “The Biggest Scandal of the Year”.
It was on the news last night that there have been yearly mistakes made in vote counting. According to MSN, Clay Aiken had actually won over Reuben by 30,000 yet Ryan fumbled the #'s 3 times during that finale. During the Fantasia finally, phone lines were down in parts of the US. And in the Bo Bice finally, a wrong number appeared under Bice’s photo. When people called the number they were directed to an American Idol Chat Line, not anyplace where a vote could be placed.

Scandalous rumors are rapidly spreading about "A.I" being "B.S!" Here's the top rumors:

RUMOR 1: Chris received too many calls and the system was overloaded.

RUMOR 2: Simon and McPhee have something going on. Many AI viewers say that they didn’t like her at all from the get go. Why has she made it this far?

RUMOR 3: Ratings, ratings, ratings. Admit it or not, the United States is buzzing American Idol today. Is this a well thought out ploy to get even more people to watch the finally? This may also be a plot to get more people to get involved in a recount. Hmmm…

RUMOR 4: Jewish Population Petitions. Dozens of "Vote for Elliot, Don’t Vote for Chris" petitions are circulating. These petitions state that any member of the Jewish community should vote for Elliot because he too is Jewish. Could this be enough pull?

RUMOR 5: It is simply not possible for them to have taken all of the votes in the allotted time frame – 2 hours. If the lines are busy and people can’t get through, how can an accurate vote count be determined?

So what can you do? Well, if you feel that Chris was given the boot unfairly you can sign a petition. Both of the following petitions have over 17,000 votes on them. These will be sent directly to the shows producer.

This is a copy of the petition found on
To: American Idol and FOX
Hello Chris Daughtry Fans! This petition is from the hearts of us. We feel that Chris was wrongly kicked off of American Idol on May 10th, 2006. We, the fans of Chris Daughtry, demand American Idol and Fox to do a Recount on the Votes. Ask anyone who they thought was going to win American Idol this year, and 90\% of them would say CHRIS DAUGHTRY. We are shocked and saddened that this has happened. This is a HUGE mistake. Recount the votes American Idol, Recount the votes Fox. You will be greatly surprised that Chris Daughtry should have remained in the competition. If a Recount is not done, with the signatures from all of the Chris Daughtry Fans demanding one, it will only PROVE, that this show is rigged. Please, give us a recount and bring Chris back. HE IS OUR AMERICAN IDOL!!!!!! If you agree with this petition, PLEASE, the Fans urge you to sign it and pass it along to anyone you know who LOVES Chris as much as we do. WE LOVE YOU CHRIS, OUR AMERICAN IDOL!! AND WE WILL FIGHT FOR YOU TO BE THE OFFICIAL AMERICAN IDOL!!!
The Undersigned

"Survivor": Shane Dishes About Being BETRAYED

"Survivor": Shane Dishes About Being BETRAYED
According to, Every reality show has a contestant fans love to hate, and for CBS' Survivor: Panama Exile Island, Shane Powers willingly accepts the title. As he provided a wealth of comic relief for castaways and viewers alike, the Los Angelino took Survivor fans on an emotional roller coaster as he struggled with a severe nicotine addiction and dealt with the anxiety of being away from his son. sat down with Shane the day after his elimination to chat about the shocking betrayal by his "allies," the fate of his acid-wash denim shorts, and his voting strategy going into Sunday's season finale. What's the reaction been like since your elimination episode aired?

Shane Powers: It's been positive. The [reaction] I cared most about was my son's, and we had a really nice conversation [after last week's episode]. He had a bunch of his friends over to watch, but he didn't know I was getting clipped. I think he was stunned. Your supposed allies, Cirie and Aras, really stabbed you in the back” and then twisted the knife for added effect, didn't they?

Shane: Cirie, definitely. Aras... tries not to be responsible for his behavior, which is a big reason he's probably not looked upon as an adult yet. I think that bothers him in a big way. Cirie's game play was extremely surprising, beginning with her lobbying a few episodes back to send Courtney packing. Did you notice her drifting from the alliance at any point?

Shane: Just like you, I've been watching it, going, "My Lord, this woman really worked herself into a phenomenal position." She might have been carried by Aras and me, but has definitely been working the entire time, since Day 1. She has definitely been the best social player of the game by far. Was the relationship between you, Aras and Cirie portrayed accurately on television?Shane: We [started out] all together, and then I put all my eggs in Cirie's basket and said, "Cirie, we're going to take out Aras at the [final] four," and she went and told Aras. Cirie gravitated toward him because he was very nurturing and understanding. I definitely will never speak to her, but I can absolutely appreciate how she [played the game]. During last week's reward challenge, you were the first to bow out of the endurance competition. How hard was it to step down, knowing that you may sacrifice precious time with your son, Boston?

Shane: When we got the tree mail that morning, it was worded in such a way that we knew family would be there. I was very not into it, because I couldn't imagine doing the challenge and not having it go my way. Knowing my son was in Panama, the possibility of my not being able to see him was a little too much to take. I was very wary about the challenge. Thank god Terry picked me [to spend time with my son]. What do you hope Boston gleans from your time on Survivor?

Shane: He can definitely look at his father on that show and go, "My dad is a crazy person. He's extremely charismatic, colorful, vivid and fun." I'm exciting to a 13-year-old kid. We're like brothers, except I get to tell him what to do. It's the most amazing scenario ever for me. Following that reward challenge, Terry adamantly explained that he thought contestants with children or spouses present should get precedence over those with mothers there. Where did you stand during this discussion? Was there any animosity toward Terry?

Shane: I think that there was animosity on Aras' part, but Terry is a very traditional guy. I was going to get the reward "in his mind" because I hadn't been on any, and the story line of me and my son was so prevalent. That was what I was always talking about, and when he had the opportunity to give me that, I think he really wanted to. For whatever reason, Terry, in his throwback mind, thought wives were more important than mothers, and Aras had a hard time with it. [Aras] felt like his feelings for his mother were being marginalized, and that's when they got into it. People can think Terry is a chauvinist, but he's just a guy who is probably not well versed in dealing with anything outside of his element of suburbia. As this season's fifth jury member, are there any specific interactions or conversations, positive or negative, that you'll take with you to Sunday's selection of the sole Survivor?

Shane: It obviously comes down to who's there. If it's Terry and Danielle, neither of them stabbed me in the back. If it's Aras and Cirie... I'd rather cut my head off than vote for one of them. Have you thought about your final questioning?

Shane: I've definitely thought about my questioning, and you should all tune in, because what happens when I get my shot at them will be quite interesting. Are you going to be the male Sue Hawk, by refusing to offer the contestants so much as a drink of water if they were stranded in the desert?

Shane: Sue's [commentary] was fun, but it was far too emotional to be taken seriously. Mine is pretty articulate, and it's [going to be] hard for them to get out of it, so they just have to suck it up and take it. What I do when it's time for the final two Survivors to answer to me is very barbaric, because there's nothing worse than using the truth to hurt someone. There's no way out of the truth. I can't imagine that's going to be too much fun for either of them. Other than yourself, of course, which Survivor was voted out too soon? And who would you have liked to see go in their place?

Shane: I think Dan has an axe to grind with Terry, who conveniently figured out a way to disalign himself from Dan. Although Dan was ready to go, I feel like he got a bit of the shaft from Terry. It would have been interesting to see him come a bit further. You provided some of the best comic relief this season, between communicating on your wooden "Blackberry" and spending time perched on your coveted "Thinking Seat." Were there any other funny moments you wish viewers would have seen?

Shane: I had a "summer house" that I bought [on the island], and no one else was allowed to go up there. The summer house consisted of a blanket, but it was up on the ridge away from everybody. During the last five to eight days of the show, I had made my bed with Cirie and Aras, and I just wanted to stay out of everyone's way. I was divorcing myself from most of the tribe, which probably was a bad thing, because I might have been able to see that Cirie and Aras were doing something with Danielle. But there was nothing I could do, because I had given them my word and I wasn't going to back out. Speaking of humorous moments, what happened to your famous acid-wash shorts?

Shane: My shorts were very "1975 guy working on his Trans Am," and I loved 'em. I'm really bummed out that they're gone, because I didn't take anything with me to tribal council. Most people take all their stuff. They're somewhere gone [in Panama] with the "Blackberry." It's all just a myth now. In all honesty, you are the contestant this season whom fans love to hate. Are there any misconceptions about yourself that you'd like to clear up?

Shane: I'm very comfortable with the beginning, middle and end that I had on the show. I'm sure there's a huge section of America that would never get me, and even though they may not get who I am, as a result of how I went out on the show, they can at least relate to my integrity and my keeping my word. I did everything that I could and worked hard. But if people want to hate me, they can hate me. That's their opinion and their option. Lastly, viewers may or may not know that you've appeared in bit parts on My So-Called Life and even some creepy flick called Bloodfist VII: Manhunt. Any plans to continue your acting career now that your stock has shot up?

Shane: You are more than likely never going to see me again. I was an actor when I first got to Los Angeles, and I gave it up in 1998. I did a movie in 1993 that came out in 2002, but I haven't worked in seven years. That whole life has been over for me. If there was something that was clever and witty that I could have control over, and there was a lot of money involved, I'm definitely interested. But that's not why I went on Survivor. The casting people really spend hours figuring out why you're going on the show and [when my acting background came up], I think it intimated to people that I was some sort of a plant. I was there to win and absolutely there to play the game. There will definitely be no "Shane Powers guest-starring on The O.C." They would have to pay me a lot of money.

Oprah ready to ATTACK!

Oprah ready to ATTACK!
Yesterday, TV Newser inspired us to post a little story regarding Oprah Winfrey on Anderson Cooper action. We are positive the two are in cahoots to take over the world, and the note on Oprah's website calling for readers to profess their affection for the ocean eyed anchor helped solidify those claims.
And now? Well, now the "Does Anderson Cooper inspire you?" contest has been mysteriously taken down.
But by late afternoon yesterday, the query had been mysteriously removed from the site. And no one was saying who or why it had been pulled down.
Hmm. Could it be because Oprah's cross promoting was becoming just a little to obvious? Was the Coopster too modest to be splashed over the web as a selling point? Maybe they got too many responses ... or too few?
Or maybe it's just that "Anderson Cooper told me to" is the most disgusting reason ever to adopt a child. -

Monday, May 08, 2006

Reese Witherspoon BASHES BRITNEY!

Reese Witherspoon BASHES BRITNEY!
Reese Witherspoon apparently isn't impressed with Britney Spears' mothering skills after the singer was heavily criticized for driving with baby son Sean Preston in her lap. "Reese told her friends, 'I still can't believe Britney was so careless with the car-seat issue," a source revealed. "She was like, 'I would never do that.'"

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Are Brad & Angie MARRIED?!

Are Brad & Angie MARRIED?!
THE RUMOR: Brad and Angelina will wed in Namibia.

WHERE IT STARTED: The wedding talk surfaced in early April, when Brad and Angelina uprooted their family to set up camp across the globe in Namibia. Angie, already well into her third trimester of pregnancy, will likely give birth in the African country. The word is that the couple wanted to minimize paparazzi intrusion for the birth. The fact is they could also marginalize the photographers by marrying there.

HOW IT SPREAD: Tongues have been wagging about a Brangelina wedding for months. Her kids now have his name and he's in the process of adopting them. Angelina loves Namibia, where she shot the film, 'Beyond Borders,' and sources say she is the benefactor of a wildlife preserve there. She's also committed to calling attention to the African continent, and what could bring more attention than an African wedding?

WHAT RELLY HAPPENED: An Angelina confidant told TMZ, "They haven't decided on anything yet. The plan was to go to Namibia and get away from it all and have the baby -- not to get married." - - TMZ.Com

Taylor Hicks OFFENDED by Simon's "Drunk Comment"

Taylor Hicks OFFENDED by Simon's "Drunk Comment"
According to, 'American Idol's' Taylor Hicks was offended by Simon Cowell's remark after Taylor's performance Tuesday night. Simon's comment -- "Are you drunk?" -- pushed a sensitive button with Taylor. Back in his hometown, Talylor has dealt with others affected by alcohol.
We're told Taylor will occasionally have a drink, but he is definitely not a drinker. While on 'Idol,' Taylor is strictly business, often drinking milk with dinner. Indeed, when two of his close friends visited recently, the friends downed beer after beer while Taylor limited his intake to Coca Cola.
Sources say that Taylor was so upset with Simon's "drunk" comment that he almost said something on the air, but resisted. After leaving the stage, Taylor made it clear that he was upset.
Brian Less of theTaylor Hicks Band' back in Alabama told TMZ recently: "Right now, he (Taylor) knows that he's got to stay focused out there and do his best. So, Corona's not going to help him!"

Friday, May 05, 2006

Vaughn & Aniston Pulled Over for DRINKING!

Vaughn & Aniston Pulled Over for DRINKING!
PHOENIX (AP) - Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston were pulled over by Scottsdale police earlier this week, and Vaughn was given a sobriety test, police said Thursday.
Vaughn wasn't cited for any violation after a preliminary breath test showed the actor's blood-alcohol level was below the legal impairment limit of 0.08, Scottsdale police Sgt. Mark Clark said.

"We determined he had something to drink but was not over the legal (impairment) limit," Clark said. "We suggested that he not continue to drive."

Vaughn parked the vehicle, described as a white van or truck, at a nearby resort, Clark said. He said Vaughn and Aniston then got into the car of a friend who had been following them.
Clark didn't have any details on why Vaughn was stopped early Tuesday. Police said the patrolman who pulled over the vehicle smelled alcohol on Vaughn's breath.

Messages left for publicists for Aniston and Vaughn, who co-star in the upcoming film "The Break Up," weren't immediately returned Thursday.

For months, reports have swirled that Vaughn, 35, and Aniston, 36, are dating. Last month, People magazine published photos showing the couple kissing in Chicago, possibly confirming that their relationship has grown romantic.

Aniston was divorced from Brad Pitt last month after 4 1/2 years of marriage.

Vaughn, whose father lives in Phoenix, co-starred earlier this year with Pitt and Angelina Jolie in "Mr. & Mrs. Smith." It was then that reports of a romance between Pitt and Jolie began, which were later corroborated by photographs and public spottings.
"The Break Up" is scheduled for release next year. - -

Russell Crowe: A CHEAP BASTARD?

Russell Crowe: A CHEAP BASTARD?
This is some awesome celeb gossip. It came from a great site called the bitter waitress. It's so funny I wamnted to share it with all of you -

"i work in a large restaurant in sydney, we get alot of celebs in, most are very nice or keep to themselves, however there have been a few 'moments', probably the worst is the following, we get a call from russell crowes pa wanting to book our private dining room for a party of 15 (it usually seats 30) we take the reservation but advise that there will be a minimum charge for the room, the pa asks that we drop this charge because its russell, we contacted the owners who agree, then we tell the pa that we have a service charge for groups of 15 or more, he asks us to drop it because its russell, the owners agree to this aswell. when he finally arrives he is in the worst mood, hardly speaks to his wife throughout dinner & when we didn't let him smoke in the room rants & raves around like a 2 year old, he payed the bill with his black amex & didn't leave a cent...the bastard. needless to say i would not like to serve him again. "

Anna Nicole Pregnant? Guess who the DADDY is?!

Anna Nicole Pregnant? Guess who the DADDY is?!
Anna Nicole Smith, 38, is pregnant, sources close to the former Playboy Playmate tell Star exclusively. Plus, sources tell Star exclusively that the baby's daddy is Anna's secret boyfriend of several years, freelance entertainment reporter/photographer Larry Birkhead, 31. Birkhead, who lives in California and writes for USA Today, met Texas-born Anna three years ago at the Kentucky Derby's Barnstable-Brown Derby Eve Gala, and the pair began dating about a year later.

Anna has a son, Daniel, 20, with her first husband Billy Smith, whom she married in 1985 at the age of 17. The marriage only lasted two years.

News of the pregnancy comes just as Anna, the current spokeswoman for Trimspa weight loss pills, this week won the right to continue her battle for a portion of her late husband Texas billionaire J. Howard Marshall's estate.

When contacted by Star, Birkhead declined to comment. Anna's lawyer, Howard K. Stern, told Star,: "If Anna Nicole is pregnant, she obviously doesn't want anybody to know yet. If she's not pregnant, she's not denying the rumor because she thinks it's funny." - National Enquire and Star Magaize

Jennifer Aniston - Mad About Baby-to-Be

Jennifer Aniston - Mad About Baby-to-Be
It's no secret to JENNIFER ANISTON pals that she's so not over BRAD PITT — and so dreading the birth of ANGELINA JOLIE's baby — but what's not-so-known is how she rags on her ex in phone chats with his still-friendly mother! Mom is pro-Brad, of course, but so anti-Angelina — which keeps her conversations with Jen lively. As for Brad, he soooo wishes Mom would stop jawing with Jen!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Nicole Richie Admits She's a Disaster!

Nicole Richie Admits She's a Disaster!
Nicole Richie, whose drastic weight loss spawned speculation that she has an eating disorder, acknowledges she is "too thin" and is getting treatment to add pounds, in an interview in Vanity Fair.

"I know I'm too thin right now, so I wouldn't want any young girl looking at me and saying, `That's what I want to look like,'" the 24-year-old "Simple Life" star tells the magazine in its June issue, on newsstands Tuesday.

"I do know that they will, which is another reason I really do need to do something about it," she says. "I'm not happy with the way I look right now."

The 5-foot-1-inch Richie was visibly heavier in 2003 when she began filming TV's "The Simple Life," which features Richie and ex-friend Paris Hilton thrown into normal jobs and responsibilities.

Richie, who has said she gained weight during a stint in rehab for heroin addiction, says she doesn't know how much she weighs today.

However, she says her eating habits are far from healthy: "I eat the worst foods salty cheese-and-grease kind of stuff."

Stress causes her to lose her appetite, she says, and her split in December from ex-fiance Adam Goldstein, a professional club DJ who goes by the name DJ AM, didn't help matters. "I had a bad breakup, and it eats me up inside when I'm upset about something," says Richie, who is dating Goldstein again.

"I get really stressed out, and I do lose my appetite, but I do force myself to eat. I tried to put the weight on my way, eating burritos, but that wasn't working, so I started seeing a nutritionist and a doctor," Richie tells the magazine.

Dr. Jeffery Wilkins, vice-chair of the department of psychiatry at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, who treats Richie, says doctors are "working on a systematic plan to get more calories in, and we're going to watch and see if it succeeds."

"If it's not anorexia, she should be able to gain the weight," he says. "If it ends up being anorexia, we'll help her with that."

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So do yourself a favor and check this site out. What have you got to lose?

Paris Hilton Gets "Boo-ed" at Lakers Game!

Paris Hilton Gets "Boo-ed" at Lakers Game!
FOUL! Strutting to her courtside seat for a Lakers basketball game in LA with Greek-du-jour STAVROS NIARCHOS in tow, PARIS HILTON turned heads in her yellow Lakers jersey with "Hilton" on the back — but moments after the "that's hot" queen sat down, she got a stone-cold reception when the Jumbotron camera flashed her famous face on the giant screen and the crowd's cheers suddenly turned to..."BOO!... BOO!...BOO!!" Mortified, Paris shrunk in her seat and kept her head down until the game ended.

Ashlee Simpson has a "NOSE" for Trouble

Ashlee Simpson has a "NOSE" for Trouble

According to Excite Magizine, Ashlee has been changing a lot more than her hair these days!

Who says imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? Not the Simpson sisters!

It seems younger sis Ashlee's recent nose job makes her look more like her big sis, Jessica. It's the latest move in a makeover that's seen Ashlee go from dark-haired, ratty rocker to sophisticated blonde. And sources tell Star that Jess, 25, is furious over Ashlee's apparent quest to morph into her more successful sis.

Early on April 21, a source says, Ashlee, 21, arrived at the office of famed Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Raj Kanodia with her parents, Joe and Tina, for a nose job. "Afterward, her parents helped her into a waiting SUV," says the source. And as pictures taken just a week later show, the change is dramatic. "Her nose is thinner and more feminine," says NYC-based plastic surgeon and rhinoplasty specialist Dr. Geoffrey Tobias, who hasn't treated Ashlee. In other words, more like Jess'.

Nose jobs like Ashlee's leave no scarring and little bruising — recovery time is usually just five days. But while Ashlee may not be black-and-blue, she may feel bruised by Jess' reaction. "Jess was furious Ashlee was having her nose altered," says a source close to Jess. "She said the last thing she wants is her little sister looking just like her." Why not be flattered? "The older Ashlee gets, the more competitive the sisters have become," says the source of the once-close pair. "Jess is nervous that Ashlee's itching to muscle her way out of second place [in the Simpson family] by going from singer to actress — and starring in a bigger hit than The Dukes of Hazzard." For now, Jess is still the bigger star — but perhaps just by a nose!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Angry Locklear and Scorned Sheen Team Up!

Angry Locklear and Scorned Sheen Team Up!

Look for spurned spouses Heather Locklear and Charlie Sheen to join forces.
Shortly after she split from hubby Richie Sambora, Locklear got a call from Sheen, who had been married to her best friend Denise Richards. Locklear had sided with Richards during her messy split from Sheen. “He told her that she’d backed the wrong horse,” a “pal” told In Touch Weekly, which reports that Locklear “had to agree” with him. Sheen and Locklear were buddies back from when they worked together on “Spin City.”
“Heather still adores Charlie,” an “insider” told In Touch. “They’re both in a state of shock but are vowing to help each other.” The two actually have the same attorney, Lance Spiegel, and some believe that Locklear could be a valuable character witness for Sheen — and against Denise — in any divorce proceedings. One source told the mag: “Heather could easily destroy Denise’s case against Charlie.”

Did Lindsay Steal Paris Hilton's Boyfriend?

Did Lindsay Steal Paris Hilton's Boyfriend?

What really came between Paris Hilton and Stavros Niarchos? Could it have been “Mean Girls” vixen Lindsay Lohan?
Partying heiress Hilton and shipping heir Niarchos have reportedly split — but just hours after Hilton recently left the U.S. for Australia, Niarchos was spotted “sipping cocktails and dirty dancing” at L.A. club Element with Lohan, according to Life & Style.
“Lindsay was all over Stavros,” a bartender told the mag. “At one point, he had his hand up her skirt!” Three days later, Stavros was reportedly seen leaving Lohan’s room at the Chateau Marmont.

Britney Hires A SPY for K-Fed!

Britney Hires A SPY for K-Fed!
It was reported this morning on E News that Brit has hired a "babysitter" to watch her hubby, Kevin. Britney claims that she is fed up with his constant partying and new album promotion. She feels that she needs someone to watch his every move and report directly to her.
This 24 hour a day bouncer comes with a heavy proce tag, amount not listed. Kevin has not commented on the issue.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Paris is Single Once Again


Well surprise, surprise! This relationship didn't last either! According to People News, Paris Hilton and her boyfriend (Greek shipping heir) Stavros Niarchos, have split, a source close to Hilton tells PEOPLE. When asked about the split, Hilton's rep, Elliot Mintz, says, "It is not my policy to comment on my client’s private life. But I would not offer a denial." Hilton, 25, and Niarchos, 21, began dating last year. Last month Hilton threw Niarchos a surprise 21st birthday bash at her Hollywood Hills pad. Some 100 guests turned out for the party, during which "Stavros did back flips into the pool and jumped from one end to the other," said a guest. "Everyone gasped and begged him not to continue because his stunts looked dangerous." The happy couple were inseparable that night, holding hands and kissing. Niarchos was previously involved with Mary-Kate Olsen, whom he left for Hilton. For her part, Hilton was previously engaged to Paris Latsis, also a Greek shipping heir.

Sopranos Chef in BOILING HOT water!

Sopranos Chef in BOILING HOT water!

According to People news, Actor John Ventimigli – who plays restaurant owner Artie Bucco on The Sopranos – was arrested for drunken driving and cocaine possession on Monday near his Brooklyn home, authorities tell the New York Post. The actor admitted to cops he drank four glasses of wine at a Manhattan eatery before getting behind the wheel of his 2004 Volkswagen Jetta and driving home. Police say they observed Ventimiglia, 42, weaving in and out of traffic without the headlights on at 1 a.m. The police report described him as unsteady on his feet and smelling of alcohol. Prosecutors say his blood-alcohol content was .12 (the legal limit is .08) Police also say that Ventimiglia had a plastic bag with cocaine residue in his rear pocket, reports the Post. He was charged with DWI, reckless driving, operating outside the lane, operating without headlights and criminal possession of a controlled substance at Brooklyn Criminal Court. After his arraignment he was released on his own recognizance. Ventimiglia's lawyer, Benjamin Petrofsky, did not return the newspaper's call for comment. In other Sopranos news, Louis Gross, 23, who plays Tony Soprano's muscled-up bodyguard on the HBO mob show, was arrested on Sunday for allegedly breaking into a home in Queens, N.Y., and burglarizing the residence, reports New York's Daily News. Gross also stands accused of roughing up a downtown Manhattan clothing merchant in February after allegedly attempting to leave the store with a bag of clothes, says the paper. "I don't know nothing," Gross tells the News. "I'm innocent. I'm always innocent." If convicted of the break-in, the actor faces a year behind bars, and 15 months for the store incident.

Spears Pregnant and DRINKING?

Spears is Preganat and DRINKING?!

Come on now, Brit! You gotta give up the booze!
According to E News, Britney Spears was spotted drinking at a club while preganat. When questioned by reporters, she admitted to drinking but replied that MOST of her beverages were non alcoholic. And, she added, she didn't over-drink.

....And she wonders why her "mothering ablities" are often questioned....

Monday, May 01, 2006

Pitt & Jolie Plan Birth

Pitt & Jolie Plan Birth

According to the, Jolie And Pitt Plan Water Birth.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are reportedly planning to deliver their first biological child in a giant tub of water.

The movie stars have been looking into birthing possibilities at the Welwitschia Hospital in Namibia, and are keen to go aquatic when Jolie goes into labour.

Iris Wabuto, a nurse at the clinic, says, "It will be natural and beautiful.

"Instead of a man like Brad being pushed into the corner of a labour ward, he will be part of the birth process."

And the expectant couple have allegedly wasted no time in picking a name for the baby - they have settled on Africa in a tribute to the child's birthplace.

A friend of Jolie tells British newspaper the Sunday Express, "They know the sex of their baby, though they're trying to keep that a secret. But they both think Africa would suit a boy or a girl.

"It's exotic and mysterious - just like the continent where the baby will be born."

Chris Rock: A Criminal?

Chris Rock: A Criminal?

According to E News, Chris Rock's been hanging with some bad company.

Rock's publicist has confirmed that the funnyman once employed indicted Hollywood private eye Anthony Pellicano when Rock was targeted in a paternity case years ago.

As originally reported in the Los Angeles Times, Pellicano allegedly accessed confidential police databases to dig up dirt on Hungarian model Monika Zsibrita after she filed a lawsuit in 1999 claiming she was pregnant with Rock's child.

The admission makes the onetime Oscar host the latest bold-faced name linked to the phone-bugging scandal that has all of Tinseltown abuzz. Pellicano was indicted in February on a slew of federal wiretapping, racketeering and conspiracy charges involving Los Angeles power players. Pellicano has pleaded not guilty to all counts.

He joins a list that includes Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson and Die Hard helmer John McTiernan, who hired the now tainted gumshoe to help neutralize enemies. Others, like Warren Beatty, Sylvester Stallone, Garry Shandling and Keith Carradine were on the receiving end of Pellicano's taps.

Rock's publicist, Matt Labov, cited Pellicano's "excellent reputation" as the reason Rock retained the private investigator to aid in his defense of the paternity allegations. But Labov told the Times that Rock was unaware of Pellicano's hardball tactics, which allegedly included using contacts within the Los Angeles Police Department to illegally comb through criminal databases to find possibly damaging information.

"No one from our camp would have ever knowingly entered into an agreement with Pellicano to do anything illegal," Labov told the Times. "Let me put it like this: When you hire somebody to fix your TV, you don't necessarily think he's going to hook you up for free cable."

In Zsibrita's case, Pellicano ran the covert background check on the Perfect 10 centerfold on July 30, 1999, per court records related to February's 112-count grand jury indictment.

Zsibrita, 33, reportedly met Rock in the late '90s, while he was estranged from his wife. After her paternity suit was filed, two DNA tests eventually proved Rock was not the father and the case was sealed by a judge and resolved.

In an interview, the Hungarian beauty told the Times she suspected someone was watching her at the height of the paternity spat.

"They wiretapped me and they followed me around," Zsibrita said. "I was afraid. It was very unsettling."

When she mentioned her fears to friends and colleagues at Perfect 10, the men's magazine that launched her career as a pinup star in the late '90s, the model said no one believed her. It wasn't until an FBI agent approached her two years ago that her fears were confirmed.

Paul Barresi, a former Pellicano employee, said his ex-boss had given him the task of investigating the model in 1999. He also had her tailed as late as 2001, after she gave birth to the baby.

"He said he was going after this girl and wanted all the dirt I could gather about her," Barresi told the Times. "He told me he was helping out Chris Rock."

Zsibrita's lawyer, Neville Johnson, told E! Online that he planned to file suit against the city of Los Angeles and the LAPD, claiming the model's civil rights were violated.

"They ran her records without any authority to do so," the attorney told E! Online.

Assuming Rock's camp is telling the truth about not knowing about Pellicano's law-bending tactics, the funnyman is unlikely to face any legal problems.

The same can't be said for McTiernan. Last week, the director of such flicks as Predator, The Hunt for Red October and The Thomas Crown Affair pleaded guilty to one count of lying to FBI agents in connection with the Pellicano wiretapping case. McTiernan claimed he knew nothing about the disgraced detective's actions, but was arrested when authorities learned he had actually hired him to eavesdrop on a business associate. McTiernan is scheduled to be sentenced July 31.

At least 13 other individuals have been charged in connection with the Pellicano case. His wiretapping activities came to light after he allegedly hired an ex-con to intimidate reporter Anita Busch in 2002--attempting to scare her off in regards to a story about an alleged mob shakedown of Tinseltown tough guy Steven Seagal.

Seagal was later cleared of any attempt to frighten the journalist, but the investigation ended up uncovering reams of evidence detailing Pellicano's shady methods.

The criminal case is beginning to spill over into civil court, too. Aside from Zsibrita's threatened legal action, Deadwood star Carradine has sued Pellicano for collaborating with the actor's ex-wife to spy on him to gather information that they could use against him in divorce proceedings.