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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Amy Winehouse Murders Friends Hampster

Amy Winehouse has been accused of killing her friend's hamster.

The troubled singer - who has a well-documented problem with drink and drugs - had been partying at pal Peter Pepper's girlfriend's house when poor rodent Georgie Porgie lost its life and Peter is convinced Amy was responsible.

Peter, Amy's former session musician, said: "Georgie was a birthday present and we'd got him out to play with in the morning. I'd been to bed, but Amy had stayed up and there was still going strong and had drunk the drinks cabinet dry.

"The next thing I know, it bites me, runs off and Amy says she'll catch it. I was a bit suspicious when she said she was good with hamsters.

"But I went to put a plaster on my finger and by the time I came back Amy said she'd put it to bed and it was sleeping. But just hours later Georgie was stone cold and hard. I don't know what she did to it - it was probably crack!"

Despite the incident last year Peter, who is now the lead singer of new band Palladium, has remained good friends with Amy but is "too scared" about raising the issue about Georgie's suspicious death with her.

He added to Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "I've never directly accused her of killing my hamster as I'm too scared. She can be quite fierce."

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Kate Moss Begs for Drugs at Party

Kate Moss stunned friends and partygoers when she allegedly begged for drugs at a recent party.

The supermodel was partying with Sienna Miller, Naomi Campbell and Kelly Osbourne at Davinia Taylor's 30th birthday party last weekend (17.11.07) when she asked DJ Elliot Eastwick for various drugs, including cocaine, cannabis and over-the-counter substance alkyl nitrate - which is popular with clubbers and gay men and is commonly known as 'poppers'.

Eastwick told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "It was obvious to me she was on drugs.
"She kept saying, 'Make me rave', and demanded I change the music. Then someone in Kate's group started rolling cannabis spliffs. Kate then pulled out some poppers from her handbag and started snorting them. You could see her loll as it took effect.

"She grabbed my lower arm, pulled me towards her and yelled, 'Who's got the drugs?' I told her I didn't know and didn't have any but she said, 'I want some gear. You're a DJ, you must have some.'

"She was tapping on a record sleeve in the motion of someone racking up lines of coke. It was obvious what she was after. I remember thinking, 'God, Kate Moss just asked me for cocaine.'

"Then she and some mates disappeared into a back room and when she came back she was bouncier than ever. It was obvious she was on something."

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Avril Wages War with Paris Hilton

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Fall Out Boy and Gym Class Heros Light Up MTVu Woodies!

Heidi Klums "Great Knockers" Commercial

The supermodel can be seen playing with her breasts in the new TV commercial for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

In the 30 second clip, the 34-year-old blonde - clad only in a plain black bra - fondles and jiggles her ample boobs as she sings, dances, yodels and announces "I've got great knockers!"
After explaining how her nipples stand to attention when it's cold, Heidi shouts: "You guys have no clue about boobs, and if you don't..."

Heidi then grabs her chest and makes a machine gun sound as she aims her breasts left and right, in the manner of a fembot killer robot from the 'Austin Powers' films, who could fire bullets from their breasts.

The commercial ends with Heidi grinning as she declares: "Great knockers, I loooove it!"

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show airs on December 4.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

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Radiohead Feels Cheated By Fans

Radiohead's decision to allow fans to pay what they want for their new album has backfired.

The band's 'honesty experience', which gave people the choice to download 'In Rainbows' for free or pay a sum of their choosing, saw three out of five fans opting not to pay for the LP.

A massive 62 per cent of web users who visited the bespoke site failed to enter their credit card details.

Of the 1.2 million people who downloaded the album between October 10 and October 29, the average price was found to be $6, according to findings by internet information provider comScore.

This figure was largely boosted by the 12 per cent of 'honest' fans who were willing to pay between $8 to $12 - the approximate cost of downloading the album from an online retail music outlet such as iTunes.

American fans were the most generous, paying an average of $8.05, compared to $4.64 paid outside the US.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Celine Dion Announces Concert Tour 2008 Dates

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June 12, 2008 Waldbuhne Berlin, Germany
June 14, 2008 Commerzbank-Arena Frankfurt, Germany
June 16, 2008 Schleyerhalle Stuttgart, Germany
June 18, 2008 Kolnarena Cologne, Germany
June 22, 2008 Olympiastadium Munich, Germany

Tickets for all Celine's shows in Germany will available beginning at 9:00 a.m. local time on November 9.
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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Spears Wants to Date Kim Kardashian!

Britney Spears would love to have a lesbian affair with US socialite Kim Kardashian.

The troubled singer, who allegedly once tried to seduce her children's nanny and was photographed romping topless in a pool with former assistant Shannon Funk, revealed her lust for Kim during a tell-all game with friends.

When asked which celebrity she would most like to have sex with, Britney reportedly said: "I really love Kim's butt, skin and hair. Kim is a real woman. She is a real horny beast."

Kim, who caused uproar in the US after her homemade sex tape with ex-boyfriend Ray-J was released, isn't the only brunette beauty admired by Britney.

The 'Gimme More' singer also revealed she lusts after stunning actresses Carmen Electra and Halle Berry, while Brad Pitt and George Clooney top her list of sexiest men.

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Sienna Miller Accused of Dating Jude to Get Famous

Sienna Miller has denied she dated Jude Law to become famous.

The 'Interview' actress - who dated her 'Alfie' co-star on and off for three years until they split last November - insists she was on her way to becoming a successful actress before she met Jude.

Sienna said: "Just because I met Jude through my work doesn't mean I wanted all the attention surrounding our relationship. It's never been about getting famous for me. It's always been about getting good acting work, about working on a film with someone like Martin Scorsese.

"If you have a passion for a craft, that is your focus. Otherwise you would put on a bikini and go to a premiere. Also, you don't know what fame is until it is thrown upon you."

Sienna admits discovering Jude was having an affair with his children's nanny Daisy Wright while they were engaged in 2005 was "difficult", but insists the experience just made her stronger.

The 25-year-old actress said: "Certain things happened and I went through a difficult time. Sadly, I had to have experiences that were very public and during that whole period it was hard to deal with. But you build up a resilience, you either sink or swim. But luckily I've got thick skin!"

Kelly Rowland Denied Sex in The City Role

Kelly Rowland was turned down for a part in the 'Sex and the City' movie.

The 26-year-old singer - who made her acting debut in the 2003 horror 'Freddy vs Jason' - was keen to appear in the hotly-anticipated big screen version of the hit TV series, but failed to get past the audition stage.

She told OK! magazine: "A few weeks ago, I went up for a part in the 'Sex and the City' movie. I didn't get it. I guess it wasn't meant to be."

Kelly also confessed she was lost for words when she met her idol Whitney Houston with her Destiny's Child bandmates Beyoncé Knowles and Michelle Williams.

She added: "When I met Whitney Houston, I just couldn't speak, my mouth was moving but nothing was coming out.

"I must have been squeezing the hell out of Beyoncé's hand at the time. Michelle and Beyoncé were chatting away to her, but I just couldn't get anything out. She is amazing."