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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Where Hot Celebrities Buy their Lingerie

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We have uncovered where celebrities Eva Longoria, Carmen Electra, Madonna, Courtney Cox, Debra Messing and Mariah Carey buy their sexiest outfits from! The designer is called Spoylt. Spoylt is the hottest lingerie, inspired by Hollywood Glamour and Europen design. You probably have seen some of their pieces on dhows like Desperate Housewives. The idea behind Spoylt is to make women consider the lingerie as an essential investment for every aspect of their wardrobe and lives. The SPOYLT line takes familiar elements of seduction and subverts them with wit and intelligence then crafts them with traditional and meticulous attention to fit and quality of finish. According to reps at Spoylt, "Each piece of lingerie is both covetable and collectible, and is made from the most luxurious of fabrics to ensure they fit perfectly to make you look and feel better than you ever have before."

The cool thing is that now you and I are able to shop at Spoylt via the internet. We can purchase the exact same Camis that Carmen owns or the same lingerie as Mariah.

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Friday, July 21, 2006

Naomi Campbell Arrested, AGAIN

Naomi Campbell is back in the news this morning for -- guess what -- losing her temper.

The 36-year-old supermodel was arrested around 3:00 a.m on July 10 in the tony Belgravia neighborhood of London for, as the Metropolitan Police put it in a statement, a "breach of the peace." The police were called to an address in Belgrave Mews West by reports of a woman causing a disturbance, whereupon they arrested Campbell, moved her to a nearby location, and then de-arrested her.

The self-control-challenged model was reportedly retrieving belongings from the home of an ex-boyfriend, and the police quite helpfully "facilitated the collection of property from the address."

Sources close to Campbell tell TMZ that the incident "was a small argument blown out of proportion." The Metropolitan Police had no further comment but said there would be no further action taken. Campbell is already facing claims from three former assistants who say she allegedly assaulted them with various mobile devices and other implements in fits of rage. - TMZ
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Justin Talks About Brit and Cam

According to The, Justin Timberlake says his relationship with fellow Mouseketeer Britney Spears is now a 'distant thing'.

In an interview with GQ magazine, the 'SexyBack' singer says his and Britney's relationship was 'so high school'.

'I was infatuated with her from the moment I saw her,' the 25-year-old reveals.

He is no longer in contact with his first love, with whom he split when he was 21, but he says he wishes her well.

'I don't think you can ever count somebody like her out,' he claims.

Justin was also full of praise for his girlfriend of the last three years, 33-year-old actress Cameron Diaz.

He says the pair have an 'adult' relationship and that they try to keep their romance private.

'And I think that's made it more enriching,' Justin reflects. 'I've received so much more from it by keeping it just between the two people it's supposed to be between.'

According to Justin there is 'no pretence' with goofy Cam and that their relationship is 'just a sort of coming together of two people'.

Cam and Justin have been persistently dogged by rumours that they are either about to marry or on the verge of breaking up.

But they looked very much together recently in the streets of Paris, where Cammy joined her man while he was promoting his latest album.

'FutureSex/LoveSounds' is due to be released on September 12.

Jude Law is JEALOUS!

Jealous Law runs back to Miller
British actor Jude Law has cut short a family holiday in France because he is believed to be petrified that on/off girlfriend Sienna Miller may stray.

The 'Alfie' star has reportedly jetted out to Toronto to the set of Sienna's latest film 'Camille' to keep an eye on her after media reports have linked her to her co-star James Franco.

However, Sienna has slammed reports that she has dumped Law to start up a romance with Franco.

Ciara Parkes, the blonde star's representative, told People magazine that the suggestive photos published of James and Sienna were in fact pictures from a scene they were shooting for the film.

'The pictures of Sienna were of her doing a scene at Niagara Falls with James,' she explains.

'There were about a thousand people around them and it was a sad scene, the last scene of the movie. They are just joking about during takes.'

Sienna and her 28-year-old co-star have been shooting in Canada for the past month while Jude has been filming 'My Blueberry Nights' in New York.

Jude and Sienna were spotted in the Big Apple together several weeks ago but have not been seen out together since.

The pair ended their engagement last summer after Jude admitted that he had cheated on his blonde fiancee with his children's nanny

Nick Lachey's Latest Lover

Nick Lachey and gal pal Vanessa Minnillo make the scene at Hollywood hot spot Hyde on Friday (left). Coincidentally, Lachey's ex, Jessica Simpson, was also at the same club with hairstylist pal Ken Paves. The next day, the couple get domestic during a grocery run to a Whole Foods store in Brentwood, Calif.

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