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Sunday, April 30, 2006

LOST star goes to JAIL!

LOST star goes to JAIL!

Michelle Rodriguez has decided to plead guilty to drunken driving and opted to serve five days in jail rather than perform 240 hours of community service. Her lawyer said her decision was based on the fact that she "can't even go out to dinner without being hounded for an autograph, much less while performing community service."

Desperate Housewife goes to Emergancy Room

Desperate Housewife goes to Emergancy Room

Teri Hatcher was injured on the Desperate Housewives set after a light bulb exploded, lodging a piece of glass in her eye and scratching her cornea. The actress, who said she is wearing the "most glamorous eye patch," is expected to return to work in a few days.

Kevin Costner Accused of "PLEASURING HIMSELF" in public

Kevin Costner Accused of "PLEASURING HIMSELF" in public

A masseuse who accused Kevin Costner of masturbating in front of her has won an out-of-court settlement. The woman sued her bosses at Old Course Hotel in St. Andrews, Scotland for firing her after she claimed the married Hollywood actor had harassed her. She was offered - and accepted - a settlement during her employment tribunal with them this week. During the hearing, officials banned the press from revealing Costner was the star at the center of the scandal - but his name spread across the internet, in just a few hours, leading to the ban being lifted a few hours afterwards

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Duke Rape Case Breaking News...or, eh, EMAILS!!!

Duke Rape Case Breaking News...or, eh, EMAILS!!!

According to the beloved, Shortly after an exotic dancer claimed she was raped at a Duke University lacrosse team party, a member of the squad sent an e-mail announcing that the following night he planned "to have some strippers over" and would be "killing the bitches" as soon as they walked into his dorm room. Disclosure of the e-mail came today with the unsealing of a March 27 search warrant for the residence of Ryan McFadyen, a sophomore lacrosse player. According to the warrant the e-mail was provided to Durham cops by a confidential source who received the correspondence from McFadyen's Duke e-mail account at 1:58 AM on March 14. According to the dancer, she was attacked earlier that morning at a team party (the woman and another dancer had been hired for $400 to perform at a home rented by three of the squad's captains). The e-mail from McFadyen's account notes that, after the strippers were killed, they would be skinned while the author was "cumming in my duke issued spandex." The e-mail is signed "41," which is McFadyen's jersey number. Following a search of the athlete's room and car, investigators walked away with two laptops, a memory card, a disposable camera, cash, and other items. Agents also seized a poster described as "the shocker" from McFadyen's room and a "piece of paper--in vehicle suckie suckie $5.00."

Pink VS Paris: A Rumble to Remember?

Pink VS Paris: A Rumble to Remember?

Pop star Pink is set to come face to face with her nemesis Paris Hilton at an Austrian music festival this weekend.

Pink demonstrated her disdain for Hilton, Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan and Mary-Kate Olsen in the video for her hit song Stupid Girls, which sees the singer parodying the socialite.

Pink is set to the headline the Ischgl festival this weekend, while Hilton is hosting the event.

Pink's spokesman says, "It could all kick off. The pair of them will have to share the stage at some point."

Royce Da 5'9" Speaks out about PROOF's Death

Royce Da 5'9" Speaks out about PROOF's Death
I am deeply saddened by the murder of someone I called a good friend. I've known Proof for over nine years and will always remember him for the joy and life that he brought into every room he entered. We first met at Detroit's Hip Hop Shop where Proof was hosting open mics and was considered by most to be Detroit's freestyle king. Even then you could tell there was something special about him. Some people might be familiar with a well-publicized beef that Proof and I had a couple of years ago. Thankfully though, we had not only resolved our conflict, but we also restored our friendship. Back in December, we went overseas together for a few spot dates in Europe where we had a chance to catch up on "the good ole days". We both laughed at how we sometimes forget how far we've come, until you look out of your hotel window and see London's Big Ben or Paris's Eiffel Tower. On that tour we had a chance to visit cities we never even knew existed. Not bad for two kids from Detroit Huh. His death is such a loss for the hip hop community, and especially for the city of Detroit. I hope that he will be remembered for the talented artist and great person that he was, and not the tragedy that he fell victim to. My thoughts and prayers go out to his entire family, friends, and anyone that was ever touched by him.

You will forever be loved and remembered.....
Royce Da 5'9"


Eminem Speaks to his Dying Mother

According to, Eminem wants to reconcile with his dying mother.

The hip-hop star - who has previously blasted his mum, Debbie, for being a "selfish b***h" - has reportedly decided put an end to their bitter feuds.

Eminem and his mother, who suffers from terminal breast cancer, share a troubled history.

After the 'Lose Yourself' star hit out at Debbie for being a drug addict in one of his songs, she launched a $7 million defamation law suit against her son.

But now it appears Eminem and 51-year-old Debbie have patched things up, and the rapper has even agreed to foot her outrageous medical bills.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Rihanna and Usher - Made for Love?

According to sources at Hollywoodpulse, Rihanna says her first crush as a teenager was on Usher.

The Pon De Replay singer told MTV she used to obsess over the R'n'B star in secondary school.

She explained: "I was in love with Usher when he first came out. I was just like 'he's so fine!' I was a little girl too, I was real young. But I really loved Usher; I thought he was the hottest thing. I think he was my first crush definitely."

Thursday, April 27, 2006

British Police ARREST SNOOP DOG!

According to ivillage, Britain Hates Snoop…The British endure soccer hooligans with a patience that Americans just don't understand, but we send one rapper over there, and they can't take the heat. Snoop Dogg and five of his pals got arrested at Heathrow for causing a fracas when they weren't allowed in a first class lounge, according to the Press Association. The group missed their flight and spent the night at the police station, missing a concert date in South Africa.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Britney's PREGNANT Again!

According to Sources at, Pop star Britney Spears is pregnant with her second child, according to media reports in the US.

The 24-year-old singer had been the subject of much speculation after she was photographed on a Hawaiian holiday earlier this year (06) revealing a tummy bulge.

According to American publication Us Weekly, sources close to the singer have confirmed that she is expecting a second child with husband Kevin Federline.

The publications claims Spears has known she was expecting since early February (06), but waited to officially tell her family about the baby until Easter (16APR06).

Spears and Federline have been married since September 2004 and have a seven-month-old child, Sean Preston.

The Toxic singer was spotted at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, over the weekend (ends23APR06) sporting a red bikini and her baby bump.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Nick Crys in Public over Jessica!

The new edition of Rolling Stone is a hot seller due to the juicy content this months issue contains. The popular music mag interviews the vulnerable former boy bander as he sucks down merlot and breaks down in "a masculine cry" six times during the course of the interview. Nick says, "It breaks my heart that I couldn't make Jessica happy." He confesses repeatedly that he loves her. But he tells the magazine that at the end, he took her hand and said, "You're an angel, Jessica. You're just not my angel." Saying something sad and romantic like that is kinda cool. Repeating it to the press is kinda uncool. Meanwhile, In Touch features Jessica on its cover, seemingly responding to his love plaint by flashing her wedding band on a chain dangling above her massive cleavage. What's going on here? Regular humans might pick up a phone or send an email to communicate, but apparently reality TV stars can only unburden their deep feelings by giving TMI interviews or through the symbolic wearing of jewelry on tabloid covers.

Bo Bice Bitch Slaps Football Pro! reports the New York Post played host to an article claiming that American Idol, Bo Bice got into a drunken scrape with a fan the other night at a midtown Manhattan pub. But this wasn't just any fan, it was Glenn Parker, who at one time was an NFL offensive lineman (he played on my favorite team, the New York Giants, the last time they went to the Super Bowl).

The article states that Parker approached the Idol reject, asking him if he was indeed Bo Bice. Bice denied it; when Parker came back to Bo to apologize for bothering him, Bo started flailing his arms, grazing Parker under the chin with one swing. Instead of crushing him like a bug, Parker called for a bartender, who helped him throw the long-haired crooner out of the bar.

Parker needs to be commended for his restraint; at 6'5" and 300 pounds, he could have really gone to town on Bice. As for Bo... well... he should be grateful his face is still intact. The next time he grows beer muscles, he may not be so lucky.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Charile Sheen FIGHTS Denise Richards!

According to People Magazine:
On Saturday, Charlie Sheen called recent accusations made by his estranged wife, Denise Richards, "vile" and "baseless."

"Obviously, what has taken place is vile, is unconscionable, is without merit, is a transparent and immature smear campaign," Sheen said. "She's claiming certain things. It's baseless."

On Friday Richards, 35, filed paperwork in Los Angeles Superior Court that claimed Sheen had threatened to kill her. In the 17-page filing Richards also detailed Sheen’s alleged abuse of prescription medication, violent mood swings, compulsive gambling and use of pornography.

According to Richards, on Dec. 27, 2005, Sheen hit her on the wrist and shoved her in the stomach after she confronted him about pornography Web sites featuring "very young girls" that he'd been visiting. She also said that several days later Sheen pushed her over while she was holding their daughter Lola and "said to me that he was going to have me killed."

A judge on Friday ordered Sheen, 40, to keep at least 300 feet away from Richards and their two young daughters after the abuse allegations were made. Another hearing is scheduled for May 12.

In a statement issued by Richards's rep on Friday, the actress said, "I am disappointed that the situation has deteriorated to the point that it has become necessary to seek the assistance of the court. However, my primary concern is and always has been the welfare of the children and this action today was taken to ensure their safety as well as mine."

But Sheen countered the assertion that the filing is about their children. "This has nothing to do with the best interests of the children, protecting them from this twisted ogre of a father," Sheen told PEOPLE at the launch of his Sheen Kidz children’s clothing line. "This is about hurting, this is about punishing.”

In his own short filing on Friday Sheen denied Richards’s claims, but said Sunday: "I'm not going to lower myself to become a mudslinger and enter that cesspool of accusation, because that’s not who I am."

Still, Sheen said he planned to fight the allegations. "I've also got to have a voice in this, a strong voice in this, and a voice that my children one day will realize was absolutely and entirely in their best interest."

Richards originally filed for divorce in March of last year, when she was six months pregnant with their daughter Lola. The pair appeared to briefly reconcile after Lola's birth in June, but on Jan. 4, they requested that their divorce proceed with a private arbitrator.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

D12 member in JAIL?!

According to sources at E News on line:

"There apparently are no good excuses left for missing court dates. It's better not to have to go to court in the first place, though.

Rap artist Swift was sentenced to 93 days in jail for a probation violation after he missed a court hearing to attend fellow D12 member Proof's funeral Wednesday in Detroit. Swift served as an honorary pallbearer during the memorial service, which drew more than 2,000 people, including Eminem, 50 Cent and Obie Trice.

Swift, whose real name is Ondre Moore, was on probation after being arrested for drunk driving in October. He pleaded guilty Oct. 17 to a charge of driving while visually impaired. Later that same day he tested positive for having drugs in his system and went to jail for two days, according to the Detroit Free Press.

After that incident, Judge Brian MacKenzie sentenced Swift to two years probation and 50 hours of community service and ordered him to seek drug and alcohol counseling. And, as one would guess, he was ordered to stay clean.

In March, however, the rapper tested positive for alcohol and was sent to jail for a week. A hearing to determine whether Swift had violated his probation was scheduled after he failed yet another substance abuse test last week.

Judge MacKenzie issued a bench warrant for Swift and set bail at $500,000 when he failed to show Wednesday. The rapper was picked up by police in a Detroit suburb the next day and again tested positive for alcohol.

"While I recognize the importance of attending a funeral… there is a requirement that you make some effort to comply with a court order," Judge MacKenzie said in court.

The 32-year-old Proof, born Deshaun Holton, was shot to death Apr. 11 after a fight over a pool game allegedly turned into a gun battle. According to witness accounts, Proof shot another man in the head before he was gunned down. That man, Keith Bender Jr., died Tuesday from his injuries. Bender's 28-year-old cousin, Mario Etheridge, was arrested in connection with the shootings and has pleaded not guilty to charges of firing a gun in a public place and carrying a concealed weapon. Etheridge is maintaining that he only fired at Proof in self-defense.

D12--Proof, Swift, Eminem, Kuniva (Von Carlisle), Kon Artis (Denaun Porter) and Bizarre (Rufus Johnson)--was getting ready to record its third album this month. The Detroit-based group's first offering, Devil's Night, sold 4 million copies and its follow-up, D12 World, debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, pushing 544,000 copies its first week out.

One of D12's original members, Bugz (Kornail Pitts), was shot and killed May 21, 1999, during a picnic at Detroit's Belle Isle Park."

My question is this: What's the deal with all these celebrities getting into so much trouble? Do they think they are above the law? Com'on! Let's face the truth, unless you are Britney Spears or Tyra Banks you are going to jail for missing court! When will celebs learn that just because people across the world may know their name, this does not grant them a free ticket to do whatever they please! If regualr people like you and I have to follow rules, then they should have to as well!

Friday, April 21, 2006


According to People Magazine, Jessica Simpson has resumed wearing her wedding ring! But this time it is on a chain around her neck.

"You can still move on and have the memories," a source close to the pop star tells PEOPLE, noting that Simpson, 25, still speaks to her soon-to-be-ex-husband, Nick Lachey, 32. "Nick will always be an important part of her life."
Also on the chain with her 3.5 carat bauble are two crosses -- one that her parents gave to her, and another that is identical to a cross worn by both her sister, Ashlee and mother, Tina.
The jewelry pieces represent "a combination of things that are important to her," says the source.
So, what does Nick think? "He wants Jessica to be happy," a Lachey source tells PEOPLE. "But they've both moved on."
As for the new main man in Simpson's life, the singer has turned to her pal and hairstylist Ken Pavs since her split from Lachey.
Pavs joined Simpson as she lobbied for Operation Smile in Washington, D.C., in March and again at an awards show in Australia in April.


Child Protective Services Called on Britney Spears

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In February Britney was caught driving with her 4 moth old son on her lap. Now, two months later, the same child is suffering from a fractured skull!

According to reports from,
Six-month-old Sean smashed his head falling to the ground from his high chair. His injury emerged when Britney, 24, took him to a doctor six days later after he became groggy and tearful.
Suspicious medical officials filed a complaint to the Los Angeles child welfare department and the couple were questioned by investigators who were escorted by police.
Britney and husband Kevin Federline, 28, have been accused of poor parenting before. If found guilty of ill treatment or neglect they could receive a warning - or even lose their baby.

But the poor parenting rumors don’t stop there! In March Britney shocked diners at a Los Angeles restaurant by changing her baby's full nappy on a table. Pot-smoking Kevin has also been criticized for going out partying after Sean was born.
The couple have endured marriage troubles in recent months with several reported bust-ups inside their luxury home.

So what’s the deal here? Is she a bad mother or a good mother who makes bad choices?
I am sick of celebrities using their “celebrity powers” to get away with everything. Had I been caught with my 4 month old on my lap while driving, I’d probably be in jail.

Kellie Pickler: CAUGHT in LIES!!

The web site VFTW has reported catching Kellie Pickler in some B-I-G lies! Apparrently Kellie is not the innocent little girl, it’s all a big act! Check out what VFTW uncovered:

KELLIE'S LIE #1: "I've barely sung in front of people before."

This is completely false and, frankly, we are surprised that very few people have called her on this one. Kellie has, indeed, sung in front of people and is no stranger to the stage. Eventually, she even changed her statement to "I've only sang in the shower before", which is an even lamer lie. Kellie won a county beauty pageant when she was 17 and subsequently competed to become Miss North Carolina. Oh, and her talent at both pageants? It wasn't baton twirling. Do 'Broken Wing' and 'Independence Day' sound familiar to you? And in beauty pageants, don't they wear fake eyelashes? The kind Kellie was talking about never having worn before? That's not all. Just last year, Kellie competed in a North Carolina version of American Idol called Gimme the Mike! which had a large audience. She won 2nd place after singing a bum note (Kellie, sing a bum note? Never!) and had plenty of television exposure on this show as well. She also sang at the opening of evil empire Walmart in her hometown. No matter how you slice it, that's more than just "in the shower". It's obvious that by pretending that she has never sung in front of an audience before, Kellie can use nerves as her excuse for singing poorly when that's probably not the case at all.

KELLIE'S LIE #2: "What's calamari? What's a spinach salad? What's salmon?"

Kellie Pickler is known for saying stupid things on television. "What's a ballsy?" comes to mind. No one is stupid enough to ask that. No one except fake Kellie. We decided to do a little investigation to find out just how backwoods Kellie's home town of Albemarle, North Carolina really is. Wait a minute... JD Shuckers has salmon AND calamari on the menu. That must just be a fluke though. Let's try another restaurant. How about The Boardroom? Oh hey, it says they have spinach salads and salmon. It could just be a coincidence though. How about 304 Pontiac Pointe? They have calamari too, and they've even recently named it after Kellie. Miss Pickler has to have been to one of these restaurants at some point in her life and seen these items on the menu, if not seen people eat them. One angry North Carolinan writes in reply to EW's Pop Watch
"I'm from North Carolina and it makes me sick that this girl is representing us. Contrary to popular belief we eat salmon, spinach and calamari and we know the difference between a minx and a mink. It's amazing that while she's getting her fake tan, teeth whitened and hair done that she has never run across SALMON before.
Touché, intelligent North Carolinan. Touché.

KELLIE'S LIE #3: "I'm just so gosh darn likeable."

Many people love Kellie because she's so likeable. We've been told by many people, though, that Kellie is no peach in real life. First, has reported that Kellie is becoming fairly arrogant in Hollywood, telling the chef that he's lucky be cooking for her. also has an account from a waitress who wasn't happy with Kellie's dinner party:
Okay, [Kellie] was with 5 other people, a couple of which I recognized as American Idol contestants and the others I didn't recognize. She was mouthy and condescending and just all around bitchy. She bitched at me because we didn't have the right bottled water, and then she sent her food back. On top of that, a crappy tip.
Sounds like someone's head is getting pretty big. Kellie is also rumored to have pissed off Paula. MSNBC reports:
“Paula is a little irked that Kellie is acting as if she doesn’t need her,” an ‘Idol’ insider told the mag. “Kellie has got Simon’s vote, so Paula feels Kellie is working Simon and not bothering with her.”
Pickler certainly has Simon's vote, as well as it seems his one gun salute. Simon is either smitten by the minx's looks or her marketability, but the so called "honest" judge has been less than honest after her performances. "How Far" was a vocal mess, yet he praised her anyway. Who knows what's going on between the two of them, but apparently it has alienated Paula.

KELLIE'S LIE #4: "I don't know what I'm doing."

The naive act that Kellie puts on every week is starting to wear a little thin for most viewers, because it hardly seems genuine anymore. She has been repeating "I'm a mink" almost every single week just to get more attention on camera, even when everyone else tires of her antics. It seems that Kellie wasn't even naive back in high school, where reports her prom dress looked a little too R-rated for comfort. I highly doubt Miss "I Don't Have Much of a Lovelife" didn't know what she was doing in a barely there prom dress. Reporter Dave McGurgan states:
"The scantily-clad Pickler allegedly wore nothing more than a skimpy halter top with a low-rise, barely-there bottom to her prom. The outfit shows off what appears to be Kellie's pierced belly button, her flat stomach and her sultry, curvy teen bod. Experts agree: She's hot!"
This, my friends, is what we call a minx. The same article also has a picture of Kellie's high school yearbook, where her father writes
"Your smile, singing, and witty ways have helped me through some tough times."
I thought she only sang in the shower, though. How can her singing have helped him through hard times if she never did in front of anyone? And who would describe the Kellie that we see on television as witty? Her stupid act is anything but witty. Of course, that's because Kellie probably knows exactly what she's doing. When Kellie won the 2004 Miss Stanly County Pageant Crown, her grandfather, Ken Morton, was there to watch. Fayetteville Online has a quote from Morton, saying
“Her platform [in the pageant] was you don’t have to be a product of your environment. And that’s where she went with it.”
That's a pretty worthwhile and interesting platform. The Kellie we know, though, wouldn't even be able to pronounce the word en-vie-er-ment. And if you don't have to be a product of your environment, doesn't that include acting like a hick on television because you're from North Carolina? Kellie seems to have completely discarded this advice to play up that she is merely a product of her environment. Her tough, tough (daddy's in jail), very tough (mom left me), oh so tough (did I mention dad in jail?) environment. Finally, Kellie also admitted during a show clip that she didn't know who Stevie Wonder was, but prior to that she started crying, tears streaming down, when Stevie first walked into the room. So either she's lying about knowing who Stevie is or she started crying for absolutely no reason. Either way, that's pretty dumb.

KELLIE'S LIE #5: "I should be the American Idol because I deserve it."

Miss Kellie Pickler has reminded us at every turn that her mother left her, that her father is in jail, and that she lives with her grandfather. Isn't it a bit presumptuous to say that you "deserve" something that everyone else is working for as well? Brenna Gethers lost two fathers in her life, and Idol did not play up this story one bit. Neither did Brenna. Melissa McGhee also had both of her parents in jail, and she never brought it up on the show either. Interestingly enough, Melissa made a bit of a reference to this in her biography on the official Idol website, but it was then taken down. Kellie's information remains intact. Kellie also seems to have had some good fortune in her "difficult" life. Jade9, who blogs on the official Idol message board, writes about a comment sent to her
Did any of you know she went to an expensive dance school? She has won the Miss Stanly County Pageant which includes scholarship money, endorsements, advertising spots and many more incentives.
If that's right, then it seems like Kellie isn't as down on her luck as she wants us to believe. Kellie also decided to fly her favorite hairstylist from Charlotte in to do her hair for country night. Her stylist's price per cut? $300. If Kellie can afford that, she's better off that most of us.

KELLIE'S LIE #6: "I don't have much of a love life."

VFTW has received tips from many sources that lead us to believe that Kellie has indeed had a love life, one that she was allegedly not afraid to use and exploit. While we don't have any explicit details yet, we think we might know who does. The National Enquirer published an article on April 17 that talked about Kellie and her ex-boyfriend from high school. The article says that Chris Ussery (her ex-boyfriend) was still upset about the breakup. VFTW has received a tip that Chris models for a website called and that it might be worth asking about his relationship with Kellie during his live webcam chats on the site. Chris's next scheduled chat on the site is this Thursday 4/20, and if anyone wants to join up there, I'm sure that's a great untapped resource for Kellie Pickler stories. Here is a picture of Chris from the preview on the site.

Well, folks, there you have it. You may not believe some of this, but almost all of it is well documented, and some of the information cannot be disputed. Kellie has lied about her singing experience, she has been caught lying numerous times about other topics, and she is definitely laying it on thick for the viewers. Not even Kelly Bundy was this dense.

All of this leads us to one conclusion: Kellie Pickler's true self will have to eventually come out, either on the show or in real life. So keep voting for Pickler, because Idol deserves this fake girl if they continue to pimp her made up stories even after obviously doing background checks on her. Oh Kellie, did you think we wouldn't find out? Maybe she doesn't deserve half the credit we're giving her after all.

Lindsay Lohan VS Ashley Simpson-

LINDSAY Lohan is still upset at Ashlee Simpson for "stealing" her ex-boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama, last year. When Ashlee arrived with her sister, Jessica, Saturday night for Lohan's party at the Standard in L.A. after the MTV Movie Awards, there was almost "a catfight," sources say. "Jessica and Ashlee pulled up, and as hotel employees were clearing a table for them at Lindsay's party, Lindsay supposedly found out and said, 'No way — they are not coming to my party.' And the guy at the door told the Simpsons that [Lohan] said to go away," our spywitness said. The Simpson sisters then went to Jimmy Fallon's party at the Argyle Hotel, where Jessica was heard ranting, "That [bleep]. If she comes here, I will kick her ass!" Sure enough, an hour later, Lohan ended up at the Argyle, where Jessica "went ballistic," spies said. "She was screaming how she was going to kick her butt, and had to be separated from Lindsay. Ashlee wasn't so upset, but Jessica was furious because she says she is a star and should be let in everywhere." The trio ended up making up after Lohan "explained it was a mistake that they were not let into her party." A rep for Lohan said, "Maybe their names got misplaced on the list."
A rep for Ashlee said, "Ashlee and Jessica had a great time at Jimmy's party, which was the hottest one of the night." Meanwhile, at the MTV awards, everyone was buzzing about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' strange behavior. "Katie requested a private dressing room, which was in the basement," we're told. "Tom and Katie came roaring up on his motorcycle and disappeared for the whole night into the room with her p.r. guy, a stylist, a hairdresser, a makeup person and six Scientologists, including Tom's sister [and p.r. woman] Lee Anne DeVette. They did not come out except for when they went onstage — did not mingle with anyone in the green room — and then left." Holmes had to be back at the Regent Beverly Wilshire early the next morning for the "Batman Begins" junket, where she and Cruise "made out in the hallway in front of all the journalists and TV people in between every interview." "We are talking a public display for hours," said our source. "It was over the top, unnecessary and gross."

American Idol Conspiracy? Is Kellie the Next to Go?

American Idol – Conspiracy Against Kellie Pickler?

You may have heard, there is a web site called “Vote for the Worst” that uses anti-American Idol fans to sway votes. They do this in order to get the best singers thrown off the show. That is one reason why you see excellent singers in the bottom two. With 3740140 hits all ready this season, this site definitely has some pull!

According to this site: “American Idol is not about singing at all, it's about making good reality TV and enjoying the cheesy, guilty pleasure of watching bad singing. We agree that the bad singers are entertaining, and we want to acknowledge this fact by encouraging people to make an even funnier show by helping the amusing antagonists stick around.”

This week they are gunning for Kellie Pickler. Their exact quote is “Vote For Kellie Pickler because North Carolina Wont want her back after this!” By “voting” for Kellie you agree not to vote for her, thus possibly having her eliminated from the competition.

Who’s next? Well VFTW posted this:

American Idol lets many contestants into the top 24 who have no chance to win. These people are placed in the competition for ratings, and when they start to perform poorly, the viewing audience laughs and generally votes them out. But VFTW sees keeping these contestants around as a golden opportunity to make a more amusing show. American Idol producers don't like this though, because they already know who they want to win. They pimp certain contestants from the get-go, and it's usually incredibly obvious who stands a chance of winning (this year it's Chris Daughtry with an outside chance on Taylor or Elliott) and who doesn't (everyone else). We find it boring that the producers have turned this into a 12 week "promote the pre-selected winner" contest, so we want to turn the show on its side to promote someone different.
What do you think? Does VFTW actually have some pull?