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Monday, January 01, 2007

Want a Completley FREE Forum of Your Own? - Sponsored Message

Do you want to have your own forum or discussion board but don’t want the headache of setting one up? That’s the problem so many of us site owners/blog owners face. Allowing open comments on articles only leads to problems, there’s so many spammers out there that we are forced to moderate every comment before it is posted. Then, many times, a commenter poses a question that we, as site owners have to answer. However, 99% of the time, the question asked can be found elsewhere on our site but people don’t take the time to look for it. By creating a forum you are able to provide your readers with unlimited discussion possibilities. People can easily interact with your articles and other site visitors or members with little to no moderation from you. This will free up a vast amount of time that you, as the site owner, can be using to create more work, promote your website or explore more profitable opportunities. offers everything you need to create an awesome FREE forum with absolutely NO html or site building experience. Registration is simple and fast. As soon as you create your free account you can immediately begin creating a forum or viewing and responding to other forums.

GoBoardz Forums are a great way to drive traffic to your site. Your free forum is also fully customizable too! You can pick your own colors, upload graphics, avatars and so much more.

Feel free to visit the new forum for my website, Paid Opportunities at I was able to create this forum in a matter of minutes. I really enjoyed how simple the process was and how GoBoardz took the time to place a really nice color chart on the creation page.

So take a few minutes and create your own forum today!

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