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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Lohan REJECTS K-Fed!

Just when you thought he couldn't get any more pathetic, Us Weekly reports Kevin Federline hit on Lindsay Lohan on December 22, texting "We should hang out" to her only to get rejected.
"She was totally grossed out," a Lohan pal tells Us. Says another, "She thought it was hilarious." However, Federline, didn't appreciate Lohan's "Why would I hang out with you?" reply. He fired back, calling her a "firecrotch." Says the source, "She couldn't believe he was so pathetic. She doesn't want him using her to make Britney jealous."
I thought Kevin Federline peaked out the pathetic-o-meter months ago but he's really going for the gold here. Maybe next week he can be caught rummaging through garbage for aluminum cans or taking his cousin to a high school prom. The only people who get rejected by Lindsay Lohan for sex aren't even people. They're usually just furniture, and even then it's not always a rejection.

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