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Monday, January 01, 2007

I Need a NEW Digital Camera!!! - Sponsored by HP

My husband and I purchased a no-name-brand, 3 MP, digital camera several years ago. We love our camera even though the quality is less than par. However, over the past few years this camera has been put to the test from being used so much. It is literally falling apart. The batteries fall out because the battery slot because the hinge on it is completely worn out from the amount of times we have removed the batteries to recharge them. Now a piece of duct tape holds the batteries in! In addition, my camera is made even more ghetto fabulous because the lens is cracked, the picture-taking button sticks all the time and the camera in general is very slow. There’s nothing worse than completely missing the moment! Case and point: For my grandmothers 70th birthday party the 4-second-delay made it so we completely missed her blowing out the candles on her cake! All that showed up in the photo was a bunch of smoke and people clapping – how lame!!! Since I am the one in charge of scrapbooking all of my families special events, we actually made her relight them! Talk about a total buzz kill! So as you can see, having an old digital camera that is well beyond its prime can make life challenging and even frustrating!!!
And now that I have two young children of my own I don’t want to miss any more of life special moments.
Ted, please get me a new HP camera and printer for all of my digital photography

This post is sponsored by HP

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