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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Robert De Niro Speaks Out About Angie Jolie

Robert De Niro was reluctant to cast Angelina Jolie in 'The Good Shepherd', because he thought she was too tough for the role.

The actress plays the vulnerable wife of a CIA agent in the movie and claims De Niro had concerns she wouldn't be able to portray the character properly.

Jolie revealed to Britain's OK! magazine: "There are many things about the character that are broken. I don't often get to play that part. That's why I think it took a while for Robert to decide that I should play that part because she is more subservient, more vulnerable.

"It was a great challenge and as a woman, as I felt strongly about certain things in my life, there are pieces of me that are broken."

Jolie insists she connected to her alcoholic character and admits she would contemplate turning to drink if she had endured her character Clover's life.

She explained: "My character is surrounded by people who have a lot of secrets. As much as she is broken, she is also desperate to scream out to get some sort of reaction, something honest. I have found that in my life, a lot."

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