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Monday, January 15, 2007

Idaho - Sponsored Post

Want to learn about Idaho? Here's some interesting facts about the state that you may not be aware of:

Idaho's State Bird is the Mountain Bluebird while the state fish is the Cutthroat Trout.
Idaho's state Flower is called the Syringa. Idaho has a beautiful state Gemstone known as the Star Garnet. Some additional state facts are:

Folk Dance: Square Dance
Fossil: Hagerman Horse Fossil
Horse: Appaloosa
Insect: Monarch Butterfly
Tree: Western White Pine

Did you know that Idaho was discovered by the Europeans in 1805, the last of the 50 States to be sighted?

What I find even more interesting is how Idaho was given it's name. State of Idaho. Originally suggested for Colorado, the name "Idaho" was used for a steamship that traveled the Columbia River. With the discovery of gold on the Clearwater River in 1860, the diggings began to be called the Idaho mines. "Idaho" is a coined word, and is not a derivation of an Indian phrase, "E Dah Hoe (How)," supposedly meaning "gem of the mountains."

Idaho has six major industries:Manufacturing, Agriculture, Tourism, Food Processing,
Timber and Mining and it is know for being the leading National Producer of Potatoes, Trout, Austrian Winter Peas and Lentils.

If you are planning to vacation in Idaho there's lots of different things you can do including touring the falls, visiting mueseums go skiing or tour the canyons. You can also hit one of the casinos, see the hot springs or even spend a day at a winery.
This make Idaho not only a great place to travel to but also a great place to live.
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