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Monday, January 01, 2007

Kieth Urbans Tattoos Prove He's Not a CHEATER?

Country music star KEITH URBAN's distinctive tattoos could be the key to proving claims the singer cheated on wife NICOLE KIDMAN are false.

US model AMANDA WYATT, 23, claims she had an affair with Urban while he was engaged to Kidman, a charge which he has denied.

Urban updated a tattoo he had on his wrist when he began dating the MOULIN ROUGE actress nearly two years ago.

The singer and ex-girlfriend NIKI TAYLOR each had "Love Conquers All" in Latin tattooed on their wrist when they were dating in 2002.

When he began dating Kidman he changed the tattoo into a "Celtic band" to get rid of the last remains of his relationship with the 1990s supermodel.

In published photographs of Urban with Wyatt all traces of a tattoo on his wrist have been covered, which has raised doubts over the timing of the alleged affair and how old the photos are.

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