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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Pam Anderson: Christmas Without Kid is Fine!

We've all heard about the break up betwen Kid and Pam. But how is Pam holding up? Aparrently, she'll be ok. She's all ready made Christmas plans for her family:

Pamela Anderson is taking her children snowboarding this Christmas.

The former 'Baywatch' star, who has filed for divorce from husband Kid Rock after only five months of marriage, is planning the special trip because the hot weather in California where she lives doesn't make her feel festive.

Pammie writes on her personal website: "I'm looking forward to Christmas. I've been at home decorating with the kids all week - lots of baking.

"It's beautiful and I can't wait to take kids snowboarding soon. I miss the snow, that's one thing about California weather at Christmas time, but at least we have a little rain."

The 'Blonde and Blonder' actress has also revealed that she has been encouraging her sons - Brandon, ten, and Dylan, eight, both from her failed marriage to rocker Tommy Lee - to give their unwanted belongings to charity in time for Christmas.

She adds: "My kids have gone thru their toys and clothes and gave a lot of stuff to shelters to make some room for Santa. It's a great tradition of ours."

Pamela is determined to enjoy the festive season and is trying not to think about her split from Rock too much.

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