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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Need a Loan? - Sponsored Message

Are you so broke you need a loan asap? Who do you turn to? Mom? Dad? Grandma? Friends? Let me tell you why you shouldn't do this.
About three years ago my cousin approached my grandma asking for a loan of $1,500 for a car. My grandma willing gave him the money under one rule - that he'd pay it back in a timely fashion. Over 8 months passed and she had not gotten a penny of her cash back! Aparerenty my cousin had lost his job and was unable to repay the funds. This cause my grandmother to become very angry. She demanded that he give her the automobile he purchased with her money since he didn't plan to pay her back! It was a bad situation for everybody.
So next time you're considering taking out a family loan, why don't you check in to payday cash advance loans instead?

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