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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Monitor Your Child Online - Sponsored Message

Have you seen the latest episodes of Geraldo Rivera? If you have then you may have watch one particular show called "Online Nightmares". This episode focused on teens who have had their lives completely destroyed by their own online activities. Some teens fell victim to sweet-talking internet predators, others got ahold of drugs and over dosed and one even commited suicide. All of which are terribly sad stories. What made the stories even more emotional was the fact that the parents never had a clue. Their kids were "ggod kids" by every term in the book.
So the question arises, "How do you give your child space, but still monitor them at the same time?"

Now you can! keystroke capture is a computer program designed with the parent in mind. It allows parents to safely and non-intrusively monitor their childs internet activity.
Keystroke is capture softwear that lets the moderator record virtually anything from website visits to pasword enteries.

Dont allow your child to be the next victim! Check out Keystroke today!

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Jessica S. said...

I totally agree. We saw this show and it conviced my husband and I to buy this type of parental control software. The one we found we liked the best is called PC Tattletale.You can find it at On of the things we liked best is that you can use the software on 2 PC's for the price of one.