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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Stop Your Data From Getting Leaked - Sponsored Post

Firms and celebrities alike both deal with loss of sensitive information. With the workforce more mobile than ever, firms, individuals and small businesses are increasingly concerned about the loss of sensitive data on mobile devices such as laptops and PDAs.

Companies have discovered that they can hire businesses like Secure Content Solutions to reduce the risk of sensitive data loss by encrypting laptops and other mobile devices – a simple and manageable solution to the problem.

Secure Content Solutions has partnered with Utimaco to offer firms and other businesses whole-disk, pre-boot encryption that can be centrally managed. The encryption is transparent to the end user other than the fact that they will need to log in before the computer boots.

Utimaco also offers a wide range of other enterprise encryption solutions for email, servers, and portable media. laptop security is easy to implement and the simplest way to protect mobile data. All you need to do is have Secure Content Solutions encrypt it for you.

Contact Secure Content Solutions today and get more info. It could be the most valuable choice you make for yourself or your firm!

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