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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Posh Spice Popped By Cops!

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Victoria Beckham was left red-faced after being stopped by Los Angeles traffic police.

The former Spice Girl was halted by two motorcycle cops outside a Beverly Hills shopping complex for making an illegal right turn in her blacked-out Cadillac Escalade on Tuesday (22.05.07).

An embarrassed-looking Victoria, wearing a figure-hugging black dress unbuttoned to reveal her yellow lacy bra, presented her British driving licence and insurance details to one officer, who then ran the appropriate checks.

The star was sent on her way without a ticket and with instructions to apply for a Californian driver's licence, after charming the officers.

Victoria then drove straight to the state's Department of Motor Vehicles where she registered her 4x4 car and began the application process to obtain a US licence.

The whole incident was captured on film by a camera crew following the star around for her NBC reality TV series.

Victoria, 33, her husband David and their three sons are set to move to Los Angeles in July, when the soccer ace's contract with Los Angeles Galaxy starts.

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