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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Real Free Cell Phones & Other Great Deals

Looking for a totally free Blackberry Pearl?What about Nextel phones, Sprint cell phones , T-Mobile or more, check out Wirefly today!

As you may know, the Blackberry Pearl is everybit as good as the original Blackberry but it has been redesigned to be stylish. This smoking hot phone has it all including email, web browser, text messaging (SMS and MMS), instant messaging, organizer applications, a digital camera and more.

The Blackberry Pearl special through Wirefly is unlike any other deal you can find on the Blackberry phones because it not only really is free (no mail-in rebates required) but you can also get $50 cash back in your pocket. The $50 cash back is a mail-in rebate, but even if you decide not to get you free fifty, you still get the free phone. And the plan Wirefly offers to go with the Blackberry Pearl is actually really good too. Of course you will need to create an account, which you would have to do anyway if you were getting a phone elsewhere. The Blackberry Pearl is free to those who agree to have a T-Mobile account. The plan is pretty good, you get 1000 minutes a month for only $39.99. In addition the plan includes no roaming charges, free long distance world wide, caller id, voice mail and three-way calling.

Wirefly is a company that has a special going on where you really can get a totally FREE blackberry Pearl! No strings attached! Check them out right now!

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