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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Justin T. to Record Song with Paris Hilton

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The hotel heiress has struck up a friendship with the 'SexyBack' singer - the ex-boyfriend of Paris' former friend Britney Spears - and claims he is working on a track for the pair.

Paris said: "I think we blend well and he says that he has something in mind for both of us. I can't wait."

The blonde socialite released a pop album last year - entitled 'Paris', which entered America's Billboard Hot 200 album chart at number six - and scored a global hit with single 'Stars Are Blind'.

However, her music career was short-lived and despite shifting 621,350 copies worldwide, her album was mauled by critics.

Last month, it was reported Justin was planning to work with ex Britney.

Justin - who first met Britney while starring on children's TV show 'The Mickey Mouse Club' and dated her for four years until 2002 - apparently wants to give his one-time love a helping hand and rebuild her faltering pop career.

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