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Friday, March 09, 2007

Gwen Stefani Admits to Owning a Concealed Weapon!

Gwen Stefani carries a gun to keep other women away from her husband.

The 'Wind It Up' singer is paranoid hoards of women want to bed her handsome rocker spouse Gavin Rossdale, so she has a drastic method of scaring them off.

She quipped to Bust magazine: "Gavin is always going to be a chick magnet. So I always have to have a gun in my pocket, just in case!"

Although Gavin, 41, is plagued by adoring female fans, Gwen, 37, insists she doesn't have the same trouble with male groupies.

She explained: "I don't really have a problem with groupies. Never have. The boys I meet always seem to be really shy."

Gwen and Gavin married in 2002 and have a son, Kingston.

In 2004, it was revealed Gavin was the father of British singer Pearl Lowe's teenage daughter, Daisy Lowe, his goddaughter

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