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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Eminem Back in Court Over Mcd

Eminem has been summoned to testify in an Irish court dispute brought about by the cancellation of his 2005 Slane Castle show.

Officials at Ireland's High Court have issued a request for the rapper to give evidence as part of a legal battle between promoters Mcd and their insurance companies.

The promoters claim the last-minute cancellation of the Anger Management concert created a major headache for them, after they sold 80,000 tickets in an hour.

In a civil action, Mcd bosses are seeking compensation from three London-based insurance companies after they refused to pay up after the cancellation of the gig.

Eminem, real name Marshall Mathers Iii, had asked that he be allowed to give his testimony in private, regarding his state of health at the time of the concert, but the authorities refused the application.

Judge Peter Kelly claims Eminem's testimony is important to the case and he must give a public testimony.

Justice Kelly has now issued a letter of request to the Us District Court of the Eastern District of Michigan for examination on oath of the rapper.

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