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Monday, March 19, 2007

Complete List of FREE Mystery Shopping Companies

Here's a great list of companies that provide mystery shopping services. As far as I can tell none of them make you pay anything in terms of a membership fee, registration, etc.
Keep in mind that when you become a Mystery Shopper you will have to pay for your shops upfront, usually by cxredit card/debit card. Once you submit the paperwork for the shop you will get reimbursed.

Although the majority of mystery shopping jobs don't actually pay anything, it's still a great way to get lots of free meals and other merchandise. I have gotten a few CD's, tons of makeup, a shirt and a pair of shoes, not to mention about 70 free meals at nice restaurants over the past 3 or so years.

For those of you who may not be familiar with mystery shopping, it's a pretty fun concept but at the same time it is still a job. You wil be asked to arrive at a business on a certain day and a certain time. You will have to pay very close attention to the guideline provided to you. Don't expect to be able to order the Lobster at Red Lobster! You will be put on a budget and 70% of the time they tell you a general idea of what you need to order such as an appetizer, a lunch special and a desert to go. But either way, it's still free! You can't beat free!

During your "shop" you will have to do various things. They usually ask that you use the bathroom and report on it's cleanliness, ask the server for a refill or even make unusual requests, which on ocassion can be embarrassing. One shop I did asked me to order a meal then completely change my order several minutes after the order had been placed. I felt really bad doing that because I have worked in the restaurant/bar industry most of my life and I know how much of a pian that is for everybody! So expect the unexpected.
After your shops have been completed you will need to fill out quite a bit of paperwork that will ask you questions like, "What was your servers name?", "Was the manager present?", "How long did it take for your meal to arrive?", etc.

You will then send your paperwork to the mystery shopping company. This is usually done via email or fax. You have to include your reciepts showing how much you spent and what items you purchased.

After your paperwork has been reviewed you will be sent a check (occassionally pay pal) for the reimbursement price.

All-in-all it's a great way to get free stuff as long as you have the time to "shop" and the money to put up initially. I suggest trying it out. Sign up for one company and do a shop or two before you invest lots of time in signing up for tons of companies.

A&A Merchandising Ltd.
A Closer Look, Inc.
A & M Business Services
A Step Above Service Evaluations
A Top Shop
Acra, Inc.
Ann Michaels & Associates, Ltd.
Associate Consumer Evaluations (ACE) Mystery Shopping
Amusement Advantage
Anonymous Insights
Anonymous Shoppers & Assessments of Pittsburgh (A.S.A.P.) (Pittsburgh, PA area)
Apartment Shoppe
At Your Service Marketing(Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana areas)
Bare Associates International (BAI)
Barry Leeds & Associates Varie
Best Mark
Beyond Hello
Beyond Marketing Group
BMA Mystery Shopping Services - Best Market Audits
Business Evaluation Services (BES)
Business Insights Group
Byers Choice Inc.
California Marketing Specialists, Contact 1-800-976-1709.
Campus Consulting
Captain D's Seafood
Certified Reports, Inc. (CRI)
Check Mark, Inc.
Check-Up Marketing
Cirrus Marketing Consultants
Confero The Service Resources Group
Consumer Connection
Corporate Research International (CoRI)
Count on Us
Customer 1st
Customer Perspectives
Customer Service Perceptions
CyberShop by RoperASW
Data Quest Investigations, Ltd.
David Sparks & Associates (DSA)
DSG Associates
Ellis Property Management Services (EPMS)
Excel Shopping & Consulting (email only)
Feedback Plus, Inc.
The Field Force (USA: AR, KY, LA, MS, TN)
Focus on Service
Full Scope Mystery Shopping
Golden Resources Marketing Group
Grantham, Orilio & Associates (GOA)
Graymark Security Group
Green & Associates
Greet America, Inc.
Howard Services
ICC/Decision Services
ImaginusRetail shops.
Infinity Assurance Group (IAG)
Instant Reply
Jack's Mystery Guest
Jancyn Evaluation Shops
JC & Associates
J M Ridgway Company
Ken-Rich Retail Group
Laura's Lean Beef
LeBlanc & Associates
Locksley Group Ltd. Loews CineplexSee Some Movies AT NO COST
Maritz Research
Marketing Systems Unlimited
Mar's Surveys
Market Viewpoint
Melinda Brody and Company
Merchandise Concepts
Michelson & Associates
Mystery Guest, Inc.
Mystery Shopper Metropark
Mystery Shoppers
Mystique Shopper
National Shopping Service Network, LLC (NSSN)
Nationwide Integrity Services, Inc.
Northwest Loss Prevention Consultants (NWLPC)
Pacific Research Group
The Pat Henry Group
PatronEdgeCovers the New England area.
The Performance Edge
Person to Person Quality
Premier Service Consulting
Promotion Network, Inc.
PROS Professional Review & Operational Shoppes, Inc.
Quality Assurance Consulting (QAC)
Quest for Best
Reality Check Mystery Shoppers
Restaurant Evaluators
Retail Biz Consulting
Ritter & Associates
Rocky Mountain Merchandising(CO, ID, MO, NM, NV, TX, UT, WY)
Satisfaction Services
Second To None, Inc.
The Secret Shopper Company
Secret Shopping ServicesContact AK, CA, CO, HI, ID, OR, TX, WA)
Sensors Quality Management Inc. (SQM)
Service Advantage International (SAI)
Service AllianceContact
Service Check
Service Evaluation Concepts (SEC)
Service Excellence Group
Service Impressions
Service Intelligence - Secret Shopnet (SSN)
Service Performance Group
The Service Quality Department
Service Research Corporation (SRC)
Service Sleuths by Howard Services Service Solutions1-888-273-9381.
SG Marketing Group
Shop'n Chek Worldwide
Shoppers, Inc.
Shoppers' Critique International
Sights on Service (Secret Shopper)
Signature, Inc.
Sinclair Service Assessments (SSA)
The Solomon Group
Sparagowski & Associates
Speedmark Information Services Spies In Disguise
SystemChec by Orilio & Associates
Texas Shoppers Network
Trans Union
Trend Source
Video Eyes

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