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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Online Dating Tips and Tricks for Men

Ah, the joy of dating. The first time you meet, the first date, the first kiss, the first everything is so grand, isn’t it? Well, it’s grand for those who can get a date anyways, but many people, especially men, have trouble meeting women. Some men find it difficult to approach a woman, others fumble when it comes to creating an opening conversation while many land a first date but can never make a connection. What is going wrong for these men? Is it their fault? Have they just not met the “right one”?

Many of my male friends have the problems mentioned above. My buddy Dave is that guy that always ends up being “the friend”. He would score dates with the hottest women and end up spending the entire evening listening to them talk about the guy they like at work or how they miss their ex boyfriend.

Then there’s my other buddy, Sam. Sam is the kind of guy that really has the total package – he’s smart, has a great job, nice car and is even good looking, but his ladies always end up hooking up with his other male friends. Sam’s problem is that he is “too nice”. Women have actually said to him, “Sam, you’re just too sweet of a guy, I’d be afraid to hurt your feelings”. And nobody wants to be known as the cute, sensitive guy with no balls!

Finally there’s Darren. Darren is warm and loving but a little edgy. He knows how to command the attention of a room and women always gravitate towards him. But Darren’s problem is that he never knows when a girl is into him. He constantly misses the cues women send him and always ends up going home alone; no phone numbers, no girls and no scheduled dates.

Every one of these great guys has so much to offer, but they need help! Life is much to short to be the friend, the “nice guy” or the clueless guy.
So what is it that these men need? They need a dating coach! But the problem is that real dating coaches are pricey! Some charge over $100 per hour!

However, you can have your very own dating coach right from the privacy of your own home for under $40! Dan Bacon is the Leading Dating Coach & CEO of The Modern Man. The Modern Man is a dating site and book that literally teaches men how to date. Dan’s books are written by a man who has faced the same struggles as Sam, Dave and Darren. Dan was that guy who couldn’t approach women, until he had enough of being lonely and set out to conquer the riddle that was “women”. Dan recorded his experiences and share all of his tips, tricks and stories with you in each of his publications. And what makes Dan’s books so cool is that they are written for the average Joe by the average Joe. You can learn his techniques in a matter of hours.

If you order Dan’s publication online you will get all of the following for the low price of $36.97:

The Flow: The Revolutionary 4-Step Process For Confidently Approaching Women & Getting Dates eBook $69.95

Attraction 101: What Every Guy Needs to Know About Naturally Attracting Women & Maintaining Their Interest eBooklet $29.95

Super-Charge Your Confidence NOW: The Only Guaranteed Way to Build Unstoppable Social Confidence eBooklet $29.95

Being The Man: A Deeper Look at Being The Man That Women Find Irresistibly Attractive Seminar audio clip presented by Dan $39.95

Advanced Dating Strategies: Tips For Meeting Women in Bars, Talking on the Phone and Getting to First Dates Seminar audio clip presented by Ben $39.95

Total value is $209.75, but it's all yours for under $40!

So if you are a man who needs a little help, or a man who needs a lot of help, here’s your opportunity to change your life for less than you would spend on one nice dinner for two. Hey, if you order his publications maybe you will be able to start having nice dinners for two!

In addition to the great deal on Dans publications you can also use his site, The Modern Man to get lots of free advice. TheModernMan Dating Web Site offers totally free tips on how to meet women, how to be confident and how to get a girlfriend. His information is realistic and practical. Dan provides real insight to the dating scene that you can’t find on other websites.

Want even MORE information? Dan is hosing a seminar in Sydney Australia on November 18, 2007. Check out THIS LINK for details.

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