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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Is The Hills Reality Show Scripted?

Could "The Hills" really be scripted? This is a debate that we mat never have the real answer to, BUT there has been little "slip-ups" occurring that could prove that the show may be not as "real" as people would like to believe.

1. The Hills star, Lauren Conrad, was spotted at Da Silvano restaurant in New York being filmed eating dinner with three friends. One irate diner complained that the show isn’t even real and they had to do five takes of her ordering dinner. Not to mention the crew took over the outdoor eating area with their lights and cameras. The diner also remarked that they should “go back to California,” failing to fully understand the concept of “no give-backs.”

2. Im listening to the radio a week or so ago, and On channel 95.5 in Detroit they were interviewing Heidi. The radio guy says to her, "You know that everybody in the world hates Spencer, right?" and she responds with "Well, the show IS SCRIPTED." so all of the people at the radio station start freaking out then she starts back peddling and tried to say that she never meant to say that. she *claims* that she MEANT to say that the show is "Narrorated" by Lauren, not scripted.

3. The same radio station later uncovered that this was NOt the first time she said that the show was scripted. They claim that she had done a television interview and made the EXACT SAME slip up a few months prior.

So is the show scripted? Or is Heidi struggling to get publicity?

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