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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Big Brother 8 - Who will Win?

The end of Big Brother 8 is drawing near but who will be crowned 2007 winner?

The twins are this week being hailed as the most popular housemates ever with more £5 million of bets being placed in their favour.

Sam and Amanda captured the hearts of the nation with their dippy ways and child-like innocence but is that going to be enough to win them the cash.

Just a few weeks ago Brian looked like the favourite to win after he made us all laugh with his opinions on Shakespeare and bed-wetting antics.

The Essex boy could still scoop the prize and bookies are offering 11/4 odds that he will be the last to leave tomorrow.

Ziggy was a massive hit when he was the first man to enter the house. His suave suit and polite manner made him look like a sure winner.

However since his mind games with Chanelle and arguing with Carole his odds have dropped to 66/1. It doesn't look likely that he can pull it back at win tomorrow but who knows.

Lusty Liam has been the ladies favourite since he entered the house in week 2. His laid back attitude and boyish humour definitely put him in the lead at one point but is that going to take him all the way?

The cheeky geordie won £100,000 in his first few days in the house so we doubt he'll be too bothered if he doesn't stay until the end anyway. He is currently on odds of 16/1.

Odd ball Jonty was scarily strange at first but as his true personality has started to come through perhaps we are warming to him. With odds at 100/1 something tells us that the BB audience aren't quite ready to forgive his spanking fetish and annoying talking teddy bears just yet.

Finally there's house mum Carole. Her motherly ways and caring manner won all the housemates over to start with and she looked like a definite winner at one time.

However the constant nagging and rows about food has begun to annoy the rest of the gang- and indeed the viewing public- over the last couple of weeks. She is currently on odds of 66/1 so it doesn't look likely that she will walk away with more than a pair of rubber gloves.

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