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Sunday, September 02, 2007

MANDY MOORE Mad at Timberlake

Singer/actress MANDY MOORE is still reeling from comments JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE made about the size of her feet eight years ago.

Moore was touring with Timberlake's former band 'N Sync in 1999, when the pop hunk pointed out how huge her feet are.

She says, "I walked up to him and he made fun of my feet. He made fun of the size of my feet.

"I think he was trying to be cute and joke around, but I was very self-conscious because I was 5' 10" at that point and I had my big size 10 feet, and hadn't really grown into my body yet.

"And he pointed it out and it was something I was already self-conscious about and I carried it around with me.

"He said, 'You've got big feet for a girl.'

"It's something that still bothers me. I'm sure he doesn't even remember saying it."

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