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Sunday, September 02, 2007

How to Get Real Facts About VACATION Hot Spots

Celebrities take vacations all the time so they know where they want to go and money is not an issue for them. However, most people, like myself are not that lucky. I am fortunate to get to take one vacation a year and even then I have to budget. Thats why it's nice to have a website that can help me plan my vaca by giving me honest reviews and all the info I need about any destination BEFORE I arrive. Kango Family Vacations are a great place to start. has a compliation of reviews and opinions from across the Web that anybody can use to make an informaed decision about where it is that they would like to stay. They even have free articles that feature brilliant suggestions about traveling with babies, toddlers, or young children.
So before you take your 1-vacation-a-year, check out Kongo and be informed!

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