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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Want Heated Floors like Your Fav Celeb?

Have you considered getting heated floors? Ever wonder exactly how it works? Here's al the info you need to kow: How Does it Work? The carbon offers an attractive alternative to other heat sources such as radiators, as it is hidden from view & can free up much needed wall space, giving you the freedom to design your room how you want!
Is it Bulky? WarmFloors supplies a revolutionary carbon underfloor heating system that is so thin it hardly makes an impression on floor height, ideal for when every millimetre counts!
Sounds thin! - What if it Breaks?The carbon underfloor heating unique double laminated design means that the element itself is less than half a millimetre thick and yet is extremely durable and robust which is backed by a TEN YEAR GUARANTEE.
Expensive To Run? Used in well insulated buildings the running cost of the laminate underfloor heating system is very economical (£3 – £4 per sqm per annum) & in many cases less than traditional convection systems, but this much depends on the heat loss from the room. The better the insulation levels within a room the better the running cost of the underfloor heating system.
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