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Friday, June 22, 2007

SEO Advice You Can Use

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Unless you are a professional and know everything there is to know about Search Engine Optimization, I suggest using a quality source that can help you assess your SEO needs. One site I like a lot is called Anna offers site owners a unique opportunity to use her fabulous Web Marketing and Social Media Marketing Assessment Tool. The Web Marketing and Social Media Marketing Assessment Tool allows you to pinpoint your SEO needs in an easy-to-understand fashion.

Anna’s Web Assessment tool is incredible. It is a survey-style questionnaire that will blow your mind. After working with my websites for about two years I thought I knew quite a bit about SEO…then I used the Assessment tool. Her tool allows you to thoroughly analyze your websites SEO and see exactly what you’re doing right and wrong. I think everybody can really profit from this free experience. The topic covered in this questionnaire are:

• Search Engine Optimization of a Site
• Sales Mechanisms, Usability, and Conversion Rate
Search Engine Marketing and Online Ad Campaigns
• Email Marketing


• Social Media Marketing

I really suggest trying out this tool for yourself. You truly will learn a lot you never knew about SEO. And if you have questions or need help with the SEO of your site, you will be able to contact Anna directly. So take a few minutes and get the information you need about your site. I promise you will learn a lot from Anna and her site. You can visit Annas site by clicking HERE or go directly to the Free Web Assessment Tool by clicking HERE.

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