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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Simon Cowell VS Piers Morgan - BATTLE OF THE HAIR

Simon Cowell worships his hairdryer, according to Amanda Holden.

The 'Britain's Got Talent' judge blow dries his own hair before every TV performance and fellow panellist Amanda believes it is part of a private ritual.

She said: "Simon has this little routine before every show, with his hair dryer, but it's pointless - he looks exactly the same afterwards.

"I can only assume it has become some sort of ritual. Just as Madonna prays before a performance, Simon worships at the altar of his Babyliss hairdryer.

"He likes to be reassured that he looks good and we always tell him it does. He's always checking his appearance. His hair never moves. Maybe he should grow it slightly, so it looks less military."

Amanda also revealed fellow judge Piers Morgan tries to be trendy on the show but rarely succeeds.

She said: "Piers tries to be trendy when he isn't. He attempts to show everyone how un-stuffy he is. He dances with his arms flailing if he really likes an act, and it's like every child's worst nightmare - really bad dad dancing.

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