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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Celebrity Fitness - For FREE!

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Everybody knows that celebrities have to look their best and stay in shape. But us “non-celebrities” don’t have access to all of the things real celebrities do. Celebrities have personal trainers, chefs to cook them healthy meals, makeup artists, hairstylists and more. We, on the other hand, have to do it all ourselves. And not many of us have time to go to the gym for hours every single day. Not many of us have the energy to cook wholesome meals 7 days a week, much less afford 5-star ingredients for the meals.
Although we may not be able to live a celebrity lifestyle we can still be proud of our accomplishments. It’s easy to think that we’re not exercising when we really are! is a site designed for people like you and I who need a little fitness motivation from time to time (or possibly all the time). is a completely FREE website that absolutely everyone should take advantage of. At you will never spend a dime and have access to the best information, articles, recipes and way more. They even offer a free calorie counter that you will fall in love with! The Free calorie counter will truly boost your spirits. Its fun and fast and it allows you to literally track the number of calories you burn doing everyday activities like pulling weeds, mowing the lawn even walking, paddle boating or fencing! If there’s an activity out there, you can get your calories counted for it in seconds.
Plus you have the opportunity to create your own free diet profile and start your own diet journal and really track what you're doin health-wise.
Another thing that makes MyFitnessPal a super cool site is that they make it so you don’t need any materials to watch your diet because everything you need is all in one place. I remember being on the Atkins diet and I have to have all these books that told me how many carbs were in everything I ate and how much sugar I was taking in each day. I needed scales and the list just went on and on. At MyFitnessPal you can get the complete nutrition facts for all foods with the click of your mouse. You can type in the name of a food and get a list of relevant results or you can browse their entire database of foods in alphabetical order.
So be sure to check out MyFitnessPal today and get on the track to a healthy lifestyle…for FREE!
If you would like to visit MyFitnessPal, click HERE to be taken to their main site. If you would like to use the free calorie counter without creating a free account, click HERE.

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