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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Celebrity Style Black Diamonds - Sponsored Post

Ever wonder what all the buzz about Black diamonds is about? What is a black diamond? Where do you buy them? In this article I'll tell you all about them!

Black Diamomnds are used to create lovely Black Diamond Rings, Black Diamond Earrings, Black Diamond Studs and Black Diamond Pendants.

MOST Black diamonds are typically enhanced. Black diamonds are genuine diamonds treated with radiation to make their color appear black. Under normal lighting conditions the color enhanced “black” diamond looks black. However, it is actually very dark green. To observe the very dark green color, a fiber-optic light source can be placed near a thin edge of the diamond (such as the girdle or culet). This allows the light to illuminate some of the interior of the stone. The very dark green color that becomes visible is commonly seen in enhanced black diamonds. The very dark green color that is seen is never seen in natural diamonds. It is a result of radiation treatment.
HOWEVER, a natural black diamond has color that is the result of numerous inclusions. Most of these inclusions are graphite. Due to the high amount of these dark inclusions, natural black diamonds are generally opaque. Also, because of these high inclusions, the diamonds very easily fracture and are difficult to cut. Making them difficut to polish and finish.

When buying Black Diamond Jewelry, many people want natural gems and diamonds. An enhanced black diamond is a natural diamond that is treated to obtain uniform color. It is typically much better quality than a "natural" black diamond due to the nature of its inclusions. Enhanced black diamonds are stunning when set with contrasting white diamonds. To receive a black diamond is to receive a genuine diamond. The classy appearance of the black diamond has led to its growing popularity. It is an elegant gem with a rich look!

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