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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Posh: Becks is Hanging Around Snoop Dogg Too Much

The singer is concerned that her hubby is spending a little too much time with the D-O-Double G. Calvin Broadus AKA Snoop Dogg insists Beckham isn't falling into his Gangsta ways. He says, "I met Posh one time, at the Live 8 concert. She didn't really like me much. She didn't like my bad boy persona. All she knew was, 'Snoop Dogg's a bad guy. I don't want my husband dealing with him - he's going to rub off on my husband.' But now she's seen my (reality TV) show, and I think I'm cool with her now that she knows that I'm family orientated, that I have a structure and a wife."

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