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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

How to Become a Celebrity: Where to Get Casting Calls

Since you're not Paris Hilton and you're not born into a family of wealth, becoming a celeb on your own is going to take a little work. The quickest way to break into Hollywood is to get into casting calls. Lots of places offer casting calls for different things, and thats what were going to discuss today.

HNE Castings - HNE (Hollywood Nothern Entertainment) offers casting calls for all of your favorite reality tv shows, including: The Weakest Link · While You Were Out · Who Wants To Marry My Dad? · Wife Swap · The Will · World Idol · ABC · NBC · CBS · FOX · MTV · VH1 · ESPN · CTV · UPN · WB · TBS · TLC · HBO · USA · Bravo · Identity · The Ultimate Fighter · Ultimate Fighting · My Space · Face · You Tube and more! Unlike other "talent" or "recruitment agencies" HNE Castings’s sole focus is casting people exclusively for reality TV shows & game shows. Because of this, HNE Castings has become the industry’s top producer of reality TV talent.

NHE has cast many of the stars you fell in love with yesterday and today. Remember Temptation Island's Ida Covello? What about Howie "Beefcake" Gordon, Star of CBS Big Brother 6 & Big Brother 7 All-Stars? HNE cast them!

HNE Casting agency is truly a great place to get your start on becoming a celebrity. If you want to get on shows and make it big, check out HNE today!

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