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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sienna Miller Accused of Dating Jude to Get Famous

Sienna Miller has denied she dated Jude Law to become famous.

The 'Interview' actress - who dated her 'Alfie' co-star on and off for three years until they split last November - insists she was on her way to becoming a successful actress before she met Jude.

Sienna said: "Just because I met Jude through my work doesn't mean I wanted all the attention surrounding our relationship. It's never been about getting famous for me. It's always been about getting good acting work, about working on a film with someone like Martin Scorsese.

"If you have a passion for a craft, that is your focus. Otherwise you would put on a bikini and go to a premiere. Also, you don't know what fame is until it is thrown upon you."

Sienna admits discovering Jude was having an affair with his children's nanny Daisy Wright while they were engaged in 2005 was "difficult", but insists the experience just made her stronger.

The 25-year-old actress said: "Certain things happened and I went through a difficult time. Sadly, I had to have experiences that were very public and during that whole period it was hard to deal with. But you build up a resilience, you either sink or swim. But luckily I've got thick skin!"

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