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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Kate Moss Begs for Drugs at Party

Kate Moss stunned friends and partygoers when she allegedly begged for drugs at a recent party.

The supermodel was partying with Sienna Miller, Naomi Campbell and Kelly Osbourne at Davinia Taylor's 30th birthday party last weekend (17.11.07) when she asked DJ Elliot Eastwick for various drugs, including cocaine, cannabis and over-the-counter substance alkyl nitrate - which is popular with clubbers and gay men and is commonly known as 'poppers'.

Eastwick told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "It was obvious to me she was on drugs.
"She kept saying, 'Make me rave', and demanded I change the music. Then someone in Kate's group started rolling cannabis spliffs. Kate then pulled out some poppers from her handbag and started snorting them. You could see her loll as it took effect.

"She grabbed my lower arm, pulled me towards her and yelled, 'Who's got the drugs?' I told her I didn't know and didn't have any but she said, 'I want some gear. You're a DJ, you must have some.'

"She was tapping on a record sleeve in the motion of someone racking up lines of coke. It was obvious what she was after. I remember thinking, 'God, Kate Moss just asked me for cocaine.'

"Then she and some mates disappeared into a back room and when she came back she was bouncier than ever. It was obvious she was on something."

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