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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

How to Shop Online and Save Big!

It's almost time to do your Christmas shopping! And if you are like me, you like to give celebrity-style gifts, but you have a budget to keep. So why not give those gifts you really want to give, but save money while doing it?

Here's my top tips for saving huge on Christmas:

1. Shop year round - I buy so many gifts during seasonal clearance. For example, pick up some red candles that are 75% off from 4th of July Clearance! Red Candles can make perfect Christmas Candles! Just tie a Christmas themed bow around them and hang an ornament from the bow! Nobody will ever know you only paid a $5 for the candle instead of $20!!!

2. Use COUPONS! Before you ever make a purchase for anything online or in a store, search sites like for Online Coupons and Online Coupon Codes! You can save hundreds of dollars by using coupons!

3. Always shop online! Online retailers don't have to pay the same bills as retail store owners so they can give you items at greatly reduced prices. They have huge lists of companies like, JoAnn Fabric and more. Why not triple your savings?

So they key is to buy big and save big at the same time!

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