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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Celebrity Gambling & Online Table Games

Celebs love to gamble. Walk into the Bellagio in Las Vegas, and you'll see a poker room and you're apt to see stars like Matt Damon, Demi Moore and Alex Rodriguez playing on thier tables.

There is also a no-limit poker parlor where Ben Affleck (a regular) has played until dawn with $1,000 chips. Pamela Anderson has gambled at her Playboy slot machine, and Bruce Willis has been down $100,000 at the craps table in the general gaming area.

And celebrity gambling has now been brought outside of Las Vegas! The transformation of Atlantic City from tacky to tony has drawn celebrities such as Nick Lachey, Drew Barrymore, Jamie Lynn Sigler and Jon Bon Jovi to gamble at the Borgata. Popular celebrity games here include poker, craps (Jamie Lynn Sigler has been spotted at the craps table) and blackjack.

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