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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Jenny McCarthy IS DATING Jim Carrey!!!!

Jenny McCarthy IS DATING Jim Carrey!!!!
First came the sightings, then the rumors. Now a source close to the two finally confirms it: Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy are indeed a couple.

"They are very happy," the source tells PEOPLE.

But even though the pair was spotted at an L.A. restaurant last month, don’t think they’re going public. When McCarthy, 33, was asked recently on The View if she was dating a "well-known comedian who makes funny faces," she replied, “No comment. Does that ever work?"

Rumors that the two were an item have been percolating since late last year. When asked by PEOPLE at the December premiere of Fun With Dick and Jane whether he was seeing McCarthy, Carrey, 44, paused before saying: "I like her, she's a nice person."

Reps for both stars declined to comment.

McCarthy divorced her husband of five years, director John Asher, last year. She is currently promoting her newest book, Life Laughs: The Naked Truth About Motherhood, Marriage and Moving On.

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