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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Looking for Blooming Tea? - Sponsoresd Message

BLOOMING TEA is hand-made art. Tea-makers of exceptional skill hand-tie the leaves with edible natural flowers. The leaves are needle-like white tea or green tea. When put in hot water, each kind of tea will bloom into different beautiful shapes of fruits, flowers and plants. Some are from Chinese famous legends; others are joyous sayings in Chinese.

These teas should be permitted to steep in water for at least 3 minutes to allow their flavours and aromas to develop. No measuring needed; just drop the tea flower in a large see-through cup or a glass teapot. Add just below-boiling point water. So long as boiling water is NOT used (the water temperature should be “ready to drink temperature”) the tea will be sweet tasting with no hint of bitterness. While your tea is infusing, look how the flower at the centre of the leaf cluster together with the tea leaves unfurls in a teapot or a cup with a display befitting any ballet performance.

Add a hint of liquor with a tint of yellow looks bright, and tastes refreshing. It is said to have the functions of beautifying skin, protecting liver, cleaning lungs, preventing cancer, lowering blood sugar and above all RELAXING. Watch it unfurl into life, sip its delicious liquor and you are in paradise! And remember you can have up to THREE infusions!

Full Bloom Tea specializes in Tea Gifts that bloom into drinkable floral bouquets. This is a perfect gift for any mother on Mothers Day. If you are interested in getting your mother, motherin law or wife a real gift that she'll love for years to come then be sure to check out Full Bloom Tea today!

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