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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Jennifer Lopez- S&M Video

Jennifer Lopez plays an avenging mother in her new music video, rescuing her 'son' from an S+M club.

David LaChapelle directs the diva in the video for her new single 'Do It Well' which was shot in Los Angeles last weekend.

Jennifer - clad in a studded-leather outfit - plays a mother whose young son is being held prisoner in a kinky sex club.

The 38-year-old singer is confronted by a dominatrix, dressed as a cat, whipping a man wearing only a mouse mask and underpants who is stretched out on a mousetrap.

Jennifer fights her way past an assortment of bizarre sexual deviants, including two women living like hamsters in a giant cage.

Finding her 'son' washing dishes in the kitchen the star rescues him and battles her way out.

Between takes Jennifer was tended to on set of the video by her husband Marc Anthony. He was so devoted one extra commented, "I need to find a man like that."

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