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Friday, July 20, 2007

Victoria Beckhams Breast Implants - HOT!

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Victoria Posh Beckham may have finally admitted to having breast implants. Forever in denial about having plastic surgery, Victoria may have unintentionally slipped up during her NBC television special “Victoria Beckham: Coming to America“ and fessed up about having fake boobs.
honor of throwing the first pitch. As she walks off the field, Victoria confides how worried she was that her fast pitch would dislodge her implants. Miraculously, Victoria’s D-size knockers remain intact.

“I really thought that one of my silicones was going to fly out of my armpit then,“ says Victoria to the camera.

Later on the show, Victoria Beckham tries to cover up for her boob job, saying that her breasts are “not that big in the flesh“.

Victoria Beckham has repeatedly denied in public and to the media that she’s had breast implants, sometimes going to great lengths to deny this claim on television shows watched by millions of viewers.

Victoria Beckham’s breasts are clearly the product of a breast augmentation, as the former Spice Girl has gone from A or small B-cups to the 32D-cup realm. The blossoming of her breasts was achieved, ironically, while Victoria’s body shrunk as she lost a large amount of weight to achieve her current petite frame. The result is not very natural-looking on her size-zero body and the implants are too round, hard-looking, and have an unnaturally high “shelf-like“ projection.

Recently, Victoria Beckham commented on her breasts and how everyone has it wrong about their size.

“Everyone keeps going on about my tits, but they’re only a 32B.”

Of course, this claim could not be farther than the truth and a poll from The Sun confirms that its readers did not believe this lie either. Results of the poll showed that 58% of readers believed that Victoria’s breasts are 32C-cups, while 25% believed that her breasts were D-size or bigger, and only a minority of 17% believed that they are 32B’s. In reaction to Victoria’s lie, some people have joked in her defense that perhaps Victoria was really talking about her nipples being 32B’s, not her breasts. She deserves the benefit of the doubt.

Victoria’s television show was panned by critics and came in third in the time slot it aired. In other news, Victoria Beckham is also planning a reunion world tour with the rest of the Spice Girls to debut in December in Los Angeles. Being that Make Me Heal is based in this town, its spies will be sure to get good seats and inspect Victoria’s rack from up close for authenticity.

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